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Sometimes, playing Bear Tracks just isn’t enough. Novomatic titles are appealing, but Quasar special offers make them even better. The Quasar way is what makes a difference – with the MAXCODE bonus code, players enjoy their money and Bear Tracks much longer. In terms of promotions, Quasar is famous for its 150% welcome bonus, awarding them exclusively to the new Quasar players who enter the following bonus code: MAXCODE.

Whether you’re signing up to play Bear Tracks or some other Novomatic game, you can use bonus code MAXCODE to collect free Quasar money. Once you enter it into the Quasar’s bonus code section, you’ll receive a 150% sign-up bonus up to provided that you’ve made a deposit.

New Player Bonus

Now, if you want to activate the generous 150% bonus, you should make a deposit to your Quasar account first. The minimum deposit required is €10, which you can pay throughPaypal. What you’ll get in return is double the sum up to the maximum €300. Generous, right?

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Bear Tracks Intro

It’s easy to enjoy a game like Bear Tracks when it has so much to offer. From 40 paylines and its rewarding features, to the straigforward and user-friendly design, this Novomatic video slot is what you call a no-brainer. Add to this pretty big payouts, accompanied by the maximum win of 200x bet per line, and you’ll get what Bear Tracks’s all about.

Benefits such as the 200x line bet multiplier generally enhance the quality of Bear Tracks, which offers not only that, but also always welcome free spins, and a €20000 cash reward. This neat slot game available at Quasar further guarantees to its players the exciting Bear Trap game, variety of special multiplier game-originated prizes, awards even with €0.01 the minimal bet per game line and up to €20000 in winnings.

Bear Tracks Video Slot Attributes

In order to know what more awaits in Bear Tracks besides the bears theme, we recommend reading the following guidelines.

An abundance of exciting features are involved in Bear Tracks. Namely, there are some unusual wild symbols among the 12 symbols, as well as free spins that always come in handy.

In this cool video slot title, you can win up to 200xtimes your stake per line. With the RTP (return to player) being 95%, your chances of getting at least a good part of your investment back are decent.

Find Bear Tracks in one of the supporting casinos like Quasar, register an account and get nice perks. Quasar mobile website may be one of those. Bear Tracks runs well there, try accessing it via Quasar from your mobile device. Quasar offering also includes a welcome bonus for Bear Tracks and many other Novomatic games that you can play with free Quasar money after you use this bonus code: MAXCODE.

The Background of the Bear Tracks Slot

Bear Tracks is an online video slot developed and maintained by Novomatic. Initially released in 2014, Bear Tracks always receives timely updates from Novomatic, enabling players to fully enjoy its qualities.

Bear Tracks Playing Guide

These are the guidelines to playing Bear Tracks:

  • All Bear Tracks wins are paid left to right
  • Player needs the minimum of 3 matching symbols lined up to win
  • the Wild substitutes for Bear Tracks’s regular symbols
  • Bear Tracks pays just top line wins
  • Triggering Bear Tracks’s free spins feature awards 150 free spins
  • Free spins can be activated again
  • Wager the minimum of coins
  • Malfunction will annul all wins and plays

Playing Bear Tracks 101

With Bear Tracks you can win up to €20000 from the 40 paylines. You need to have at least 3 identical icons to hit a winner and the winner will be paid left to right. There are many other Bear Tracks ins and outs you need to know, so we are going to explain them here.

In today’s diversified casino offer, the Bear Tracks game is widely accessible. Special features like 150% welcome bonus can make a difference! Quasar offers this attractive feature amounting up to € 300 on your first deposit after the MAXCODE bonus code is entered.

Playing Bear Tracks for real money is always exciting. At Quasar, you can enjoy this video slot on their flash website and via your mobile. or else= Bear Tracks is well-known for paying up to €20000 worth of prizes and other benefits.

On the other hand, Bear Tracks can be played for fun only as Quasar offers its free version via desktop and mobile. This 5-reel game requires no software download.

To start the Bear Tracks magic, you need to press the Start button and decide your preffered bet by mens of the coin button. Remember, Bear Tracks lets you win up to 200x your line bet.

5 alike symbols on the reels of Bear Tracks bring major prizes. To win, you should activate 40 paylines. It’s worth noting that in this 5-reeler, the maximal number of paylines is always active.

Here are a few simple steps to enjoy Bear Tracks

  • Let’s take a look at the number of active paylines first.

There are 40 of them and they are fixed, so Bear Tracks is set at its top payout rate. Novomatic prudently made this setting which maximizes Quasar players’ chances to win 200x their line bet more easily. Therefore, activating 39 or fewer lines in this video title is not necessarily a money-saving move.

When it comes to payouts, this 40 paylines game is highly rewarding. Betting with Bear Tracks is a safe choice as this Novomatic game generates some abundandant prizes. Once you give left to right-paying blockbuster produced by Novomatic a chance, you will probably return again.

  • This was easy, right? The next step is just as simple – choose your credit size.

Usually, you’d need to pick your Bear Tracks coin value to enjoy this genuine Novomatic release, but with this video slot, things are simpler – it’s already fixed to € for every coin.

Therefore, you don’t have to tackle the Bear Tracks settings. Go straight for big wins- the 200x line bet, which is the top prize in Bear Tracks.

  • Playing Bear Tracks is getting closer – now you need to choose your line bet.

In terms of coins per line, Bear Tracks keeps it very simple with obligatory 1-coin line bet.

The number of paylines in this Novomatic slot cannot be changed. All 40 paylines are always open.

Using this option, you can set your Bear Tracks line bet to vary from 0.01€ to 1€ per line, which is perfect for low-rollers.

  • To start experiencing what this video title has to offer, start clicking Start.

Once activated, the reels will spin on the paylines and credit size you’ve picked before. If you’re feeling too lazy to click Start every time, use this video’s auto play option, which lets you spin non-stop for up to times.

  • The next step is setting Bear Tracks’s volume and screen according to your preference.

The full screen option of Bear Tracks slot is always a better option. All Novomatic’s design aspects are highly visible on all 5 reels of this game. Your prizes like 200x line stake or other bonuses will look amazing.

As for the volume button, you can mute Bear Tracks with a single click, and calmly watch its 40 paylines work in your favour.

There’s no middle solution volume-wise in Bear Tracks – you can’t control it in any other way except turn it on or off.

About Bear Tracks’s Symbols

A total of 12 symbols spin in your favour in this Novomatic online slot. Here are the most rewarding among them:

  • Polar Bear
  • Grizzly Bear
  • Black Bear
  • Panda Bear
  • Koala Bear
  • On the other hand, the lowest Bear Tracks prizes can be won on Jack and 10.

Aside from those regular symbols, Novomatic also included some special ones, such as:

  • a substituting wild symbol
  • the Wild wild symbol that comes stacked
  • the Bonus symbol that triggers a round of free spins
  • and finally the Bonus

As for the top paying symbol, it’s the Polar Bear symbol. Pray to Lady Luck to hit 5 of those on any active payline, and 200xtimes bet per line will be yours – or coins if you’re brave enough to stake coins on all of the slot’s 40 paylines.

This is the Polar Bear, the tile that pays the most:

play Bear Tracks for real money

The second best paying symbol is Grizzly Bear, which multiplies your Bear Tracks line bet by 175. On the €0.01 stake when all 5 of them appear, you get a decent sum, but if you place €1 per line, the winner will increase to €175. As for the third highest paying symbol – Black Bear – it also pays well; getting 5 of these on an active payline brings 150x line bet – meaning no less than €150 on the top stake.

Take Panda Bear and Koala Bear symbols’ top prizes of 125x and 100x line bet and you’ll realize this Novomatic slot has more in store for you. Although modest, the Jack and 10 symbols’ prizes of maximum 50-fold line bet are a decent bankroll booster when nothing else comes your way.

About Bear Tracks win lines

So, this is a video slot containing 5 reels and 40 paylines.

The paylines extend across 5 reels of this Novomatic game to form winning combos.

The number of winlines in Bear Tracks is unchangeable. There are 40 of them on the 5 reels of this excting game.

Additionally, there are other options too..

play Bear Tracks online Play now at Quasar 

A Few Facts About Bear Tracks’s Paylines:

  • Bear Tracks’s active bet lines pay left to right.
  • The smallest number of matching Bear Tracks symbols for a prize is 3. They need to appear along one of the 40 lines.
  • The wild symbol replaces all of the 12 regular symbols to form additional winners.
  • There’s also the Wildsymbol with which more than one payline is covered.
  • The highest line win pays only. If you hit two wins, Bear Tracks’s paylines will register only the higher of the two.
  • You have to play this 5-reeler on fixed paylines, all 40 of them. This means all winnings are yours to collect.

All Information About the Bear Tracks’s Reels

When it comes to its reels, Bear Tracks kept things straight. Those 5 wheels move from up to down; downward is the most common direction for Novomatic slots’ reels, so there’s nothing special about Bear Tracks in that aspect. This video slot’s prizes can be way more special, though.

Fixed Jackpot – Learn All the Facts

The fact that Bear Tracks has no fixed jackpot should’t worry you a bit. Besides having a clean and simple design, it can get you a not too shabby of a win. Just be on the lookout for the Polar Bear symbol, ’cause this one is going to multiply your line stake by 200x. Winning this prize may amount to €20000 if you make a bet of €1. Not bad, we’d say.

This is What You Need to Know About Bear Tracks Progressive Jackpot

Sure, it’s good to have a progressive jackpot in a Novomatic slot, but when there isn’t one, there’re other ways of boosting your Quasar account. For example, the payline wager mutliplier of 200x and other profitable prizes could do to replace a progressive jackpot.

Is this a Video Type Slot?

If you like video slots, don’t miss Bear Tracks. One of the first impressions is that Bear Tracks’s graphics are somewhat basic, but this 5-reeler’s overall design and audio content are rather satisfactory. After so many great slots, Novomatic managed to create another one – this 40 lines title is now part of many casinos’ offer. Quasar players may look forward to features and payouts.

Quasar 3D Slots: Is Bear Tracks Among Them?

That’s a negative. This 40 paylines slot could be portrayed as a bit simpler, but as a consolation for not making it in 3D, Novomatic included a line multiplier of 200x and all the other trimmings that you came for.

How to Download Bear Tracks

The convenient thing about Quasar is that it doesn’t require any download. Bear Tracks can be played instantly, just select it among Novomatic slots and start spinning those 5 reels. You can spin them for free, as Quasar has demo mode for Bear Tracks. Yet, real prizes in this bears related game can be won only with a Quasar account, which also brings multiple bonuses.

What are the Buttons’ Commands?

Let us continue with an overview of the controls and buttons in this 40-liner.

Introducing the Start Button

Make no mistake – the start button is your gateway to Bear Tracks prizes. Here it’s named Start, and once you press it, those 12 symbols will start flying on your screen in an effort to win you as much as €20000. This 5-reeler also has some other buttons you’ll find useful:

  • The Fullscreen toggle, to make Bear Tracks occupy the whole screen
  • A mute button
  • Bear Tracks’s controls for coin
  • An info tab for Bear Tracks’s paytable and general rules

Get to Know What Turbo Mode Means

Bear Tracks doesn’t include a Turbo feature , which doesn’t mean that it’s a boring game, not when you stand to win €20000.

You Can Get Additional Information on Bear Tracks

Without any Info icon, it’s difficult to find Bear Tracks rules. The table of wins will help, as will the Quasar customer care center.

Details on the Autoplay Option

Generally speaking, autoplay serves to spin reels automatically, for a predetermined number of times. That way there’s no need to press Start every time you want to start the game; videoslots usually just require resetting Autoplay when it’s done or a feature is hit. In Bear Tracks, this feature is simply great – press Start to set its 5 reels in motion more than once and this Novomatic slot’s 12 symbols will work in your favour. Once Bear Tracks’s Autospin is done, simply click it again to reset it.

Generally speaking, Autoplay is a very useful Bear Tracks option for those who like faster play.

What is the Minimum Bet About?

Whether it was the clean-cut design or the whooping amount you stand to win that drew you to Bear Tracks, you should first find out the minimum amount you can bet with. When you have that information it will be easy to calculate how much you’ll pocket with the line bet multiplier of 200x.

Here you have a very nice standard video slot, but it has just one shortcoming – no dedicated Bet One button. This means that you will be setting the lowest amount of money you want to bet per line.

Selecting all 40 lines and playing on minimum bet of €0.01 per line makes the minimum bet amount to €0.4.

You’re looking at a slot with 40 lines and they are fixed, meaning you can’t reduce that number for placing bets. To cut the long story short – this is a good thing. It will enable you to take home all the bonuses that are up for grabs.

Wagering Max Bet in Bear Tracks

If you want to go big on this plainly designed slot, you should put all your wagers and values to the max. Only, you will notice that you have to do it manually since there is no single-click Max Bet option. If your preference is max bet, know that Novomatic failed to include a Max Bet toggle in Bear Tracks. Still, lucrative prizes are well worth the bother. The simple math is: put maximum value of a coin at € and maximum coin bet per line at 1. Multiply that by all 40 lines and you get a bet of . Then all you are left to do is to spin the 5 reels and simply watch closely as those 12 money making symbols do their dance!

Bear Tracks’s RTP Percentage

RTP, or Return to Player, is determined by an alogrithm and represented by precentages, and it shows you what is Bear Tracks’s rate of payouts over time. Commonly, video slots have the RTP determined from 93% and 96%. This example shows that when you bet €100 you’ll return 96% on average.

Unfortunately, Bear Tracks is not a high RTP slot. With the RTP rate of 95%, we could say it’s more fun oriented.

Bear Tracks’s Extra Symbols

In addition to its regular symbols, Bear Tracks also features a wild symbol. An interesting feature integrated into Bear Tracks is its Bonus as well as a special kind of wild.

Should I Pay Attention to a Scatter Symbol?

Bear Tracks does not have a Scatter.

The following shows what Bear Tracks Scatter looks like:

play Bear Tracks for free

Meet Bear Tracks’s Wild Side

When playing this video slot, you should really watch out for the Bear Tracks wild symbol because it could come in handy. This wild will function as a replacement for any symbol that’s missing in order to complete 5 matching symbols. Thusly, if you need one more, e.g. Black Bear to have a matching set and you get the wild tile, you will be rewarded the 150x of the bet you placed for that line.

win real cash on Bear Tracks

This above is the Bear Tracks’s substitute symbol.

What is the Expanding Symbol?

Sadly, you won’t encounter an expanding wild in this bears slot. But it is, nonetheless, a very lucrative modern video game considering that is has many features that are there to insure your spinning is both fun and profitable.

Details About the Wild Symbol – Stacked Extra

It’s amazing that Bear Tracks has a stacked wildin addition to the Wild symbol. Wild appears stacked on the reels, awarding maximum 500 times bet per line.

How to Use the Overlay Tile

You may be disappointed that those 5 reels have no overlay wild. Who knows, Novomatic may decide to give Bear Tracks one in one of the following updates.

What Information Can I Get from the Paytable?

Paytable is a very useful tool for Bear Tracks betting strategy and budget planning. For this Novomatic slot’s paytable, press a dedicated button and find out what all 12 symbols pay out. This 40-line slot payouts start with 3 matching symbols, and top payouts are for 5 of a kind symbols on a payline. Polar Bear is its top paying symbol, awarding 200x line bet for all 5 symbols on an active line. Further on, the Bear Tracks paytable shows the second-highest payouts come from Grizzly Bear, which multiplies stake per line up to 175 times. But let’s not forget the generosity of Black Bear – with 5 of those symbols, your Quasar bankroll will be nicely boosted by 150x bet per line.

With its smaller wins, Black Bear still pays really well, bringing a 150x line bet multiplier for 5 of a kind symbols. Even symbols like Panda Bear and Koala Bear give away decent prizes – 125x and 100x line stake, respectively. But also, if you get 5 of the lowest paying, Jack and 10 icons, you’ll still benefit from a nice Quasar bankroll booster of 50x stake per line. Not bad, many video slots don’t pay that well.

Bear Tracks online free Play now at Quasar 

Selecting the Bet Size for Bear Tracks

Picking your bet is made simple in Bear Tracks. It takes just a few clicks, and Novomatic enabled a few ways to set it up:

  • Set the amount of money that will be wagered on a line

It’s true that in Bear Tracks you can’t change the number of lines – 40 win lines must be played on. But 200x line stake and other major Bear Tracks prizes will more likely be yours with 40 lines on.

Does Bear Tracks Let Me Pick Out the Coin Value?

Each coin you use has a distinctive value in cash. It’s important to learn how to set it:

Can I Expect a Slot Multiplier?

While many Novomatic slots have a multiplier, which differs from Bear Tracks’s 200x line bet multiplier, there’s something different in Bear Tracks: a unique feature round titled Bear Trap. It may replace the missing multiplier winning-wise.

Free Games and Special Features in Bear Tracks

Are There Any Specials in Bear Tracks?

What Bonus Rounds Does Bear Tracks Offer?

Unlike in quite a few video slots, there’s no bonus game in Bear Tracks. What this title offers, however, are 150 free spins on those 5 reels.

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The Gamble Round

Brace yourself, Bear Tracks will be giving you a chance to double your prize with it’s Gamble round.

Do you want to know what the Gamble round is? Ok, here it is: Bear Tracks will offer you a double or nothing option when you receive a winning combination on these 40 paylines. You will have to click either the Black icon or the Red icon after clicking the button that will give you this choice. If you judged well, Bear Tracks will double what you have.

Novomatic Free Spins Special

When taking into consideration whether a video slot features free spins, you mustn’t mistake them for online casino free spins. Those included in slots by Novomatic and other manufacturers are special features. The others are casino promotions. In addition, if a casino like Quasar features free play mode, note that it’s also different from, say, Bear Tracks’s free spins, which actually bring you real money prizes. Casino free play is there just to test those 40 lines’ payouts.

Free spins are included in this video slot’s offering under the name Free Games. There are 150 of them, and they hide excellent prizes.

By including solid 150 free spins into this video title, Novomatic enabled you to win

Playing Experience

It’s not unusual for video slots like Bear Tracks to have picturesque design, and neither is to feature various playing options that let Quasar players:

  • start playing for real money
  • address the paytable
  • adjust coin value
  • start autospinning
  • open Bear Tracks in full screen
  • mute the sounds entirely
  • wager winnings in the Gamble feature

Play Bear Tracks Online for Real Money

It’s not so unusual for Novomatic slots to feature simple graphics, which Bear Tracks compensates with its winning prospects. Namely, this 5-reeler offers winning up to €20000 as its major base game prize.

How to play Quasar slots for real money:

If you like getting hefty prizes, then you should try spinning these 5 reels for real money. Quasar casino will ask you to register, which takes just couple of minutes.
So you have to do the following:

  • Open the Quasar website on your desktop or mobile
  • Press the sign up toggle
  • Use the Quasar promo code: MAXCODE to unlock the Quasar bonus
  • When a form appears, fill it with required information
  • Select your preferred method and make a deposit of at least €10
  • Ready, set, play Bear Tracks!

Withdrawing Your Winnings

In addition, if you want a Quasar bonus, such as the 100% welcome offer to work in your favour, know that Quasar will ask you to wager the bonus 40x if you want to cashout. You should also get to know Quasar’s T&Cs, especially withdrawal-wise. Still, looking in Bear Tracks’s info is a wrong idea, as it’s not the same as Quasar’s info.

Is There a Way to Check Out Bear Tracks Without Placing Real Bets?

This is a neat video slot because you can play it just for fun. Bear Tracks can also be played on a mobile.

Playing this 40-line slot for fun is easy – a Quasar account is all it takes for Bear Tracks to show you all its special features and generosity.

While playing this 5-reeler with fun money, think about all the prizes Bear Tracks could’ve given you for real. Then, Novomatic experience, simply click the yes button to go on to Quasar’s real money mode, and deposit minimum €10. It’s not much, but considering that Bear Tracks’s lowest bet amounts to €0.01, it’ll take a while to spend it. In addition to the €10, you’ll have a generous welcome bonus of 150% to top your deposit when you use Quasar’s special bonus code MAXCODE for online users.

Win Cash on Bear Tracks While Playing for Free?

If you want to spin the 5 reels and get the chance to pocket €20000 you will have to put up a deposit of €10. Which is not that much, is it?

What the Chances of Getting a No Deposit Bonus?

While no free chip deals come from Quasar these days, we can still play Bear Tracks with its 150% welcome bonus and a minimum deposit of €10. In case Quasar decides to add a free chip for Bear Tracks, we assure you we’ll amend this review.

Can I Play Bear Tracks on my Mobile?

Nope, there’s no app for Quasar, but there’s something better – a Quasar mobile site. How does playing Bear Tracks on it work? It’s simple – just access Quasar from your mobile device and benefit from Bear Tracks’s generosity while spinning those 5 reels’ shrunk, but equally high-quality version. What’s best is that Quasar’s mobile site is optimized for various OS types, like Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone, or iPad.

Apple iPhone/iPad users can play Bear Tracks through a cool Quasar app, available on iTunes and the Novomatic-powered casino’s site. This and other Novomatic slots are only a download away, so keep your iPhone or iPad busy!

You have an Android phone or tablet? No problem! Quasar’s mobile app is available in Google Play and Quasar site, from which you can download it within seconds. Accessing the 20000€ offered as a major prize in Bear Tracks is therefore no problem at all!

As always, one must be certain when downloading apps, and same goes for Quasar app. If you want to spin this video slot, know that the app is free.

Play on Your Mobile Device and Get a Bonus

It’s really weird to have a mobile casino but not offer mobile bonuses. Quasar does that, despite the fact that the competition in the mobile slot market is growing. Leaving Novomatic games’ fans without an incentive is not a good idea, and Quasar should really consider providing some to its mobile punters, who could use it to spin Bear Tracks or some other Novomatic titles for longer.

In order to know what is the most Bear Tracks can pocket you, you need to do a bit of math. You have the Polar Bear which is the highest paying symbol – it will multiply your bet 200 times. So if you wagered 1 coins on a line, and if the value of a coin is €, then this bears slot will boost your account by coins. For details about the rest of 12 regular symbols, check the paytable overview which is represented by the yes icon.

What’s the Maximum I Can Get from Bear Tracks?

On the subject of volatility of Bear Tracks, you can count on rarer payouts, but generous ones. If you also take into account that Novomatic made this title with an RTP of 95%, you’ll realize how well those 5-reels could pay you, not counting Quasar’s profit, which is made on millions of spins.

Winning Strategies for Novomatic Slot Games

However, Bear Tracks’s RTP rate of 95% is honestly not that impressive. We’d all prefer if it was at least over 95%. However, this result still guarantees you a fair fighting chance for winning Quasar prizes.

The best way to win in this title with Animals theme is to pay close attention and keep yourself as informed as possible about the Novomatic games rules, strategies, tips and tricks. With that in mind, you can still benefit from some helpful hints on how to play the best you can at the game.
Whenever you intend to invest your money into something, it’s a good idea to have some sort of strategy.However, it’s always good to keep in mind that, in gambling (and especially in online slots), strategies can only do so much, and it’s luck that plays the main role, because every spin is completely random.If you Google “strategy for online slots”, you’ll get numerous results, all with a special formula that will help you win.

Details about Novomatic:

  • Established: 1980
  • Founder: Johann F. Graf
  • Headquarters: Wienerstrasse 158 Gumpoldskirchen, 2352 Austria
  • Website:
  • Specialties: State-of-the-art Electronic Gaming Equipment, Online and Mobile Gaming, Gaming Operations, Lottery Solutions, Networked Technologies
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