Cindereela Online Slot Review



The Way to Play Cindereela

In order to be successful in playing 10 paylines slot games, and especially when you play Cindereela online for real money, there are a couple of pointers we’d like to give you.

To unlock the reels, click the Start button and enjoy the game. But note that Cindereela offers adaptable wager sizes through bet settings. 5 alike symbols mean huge prizes, but Cindereela rewards its players even with the minimum 2 of a kind symbols.

Playing this 5-reeler entails a few steps. Here they are:

  • First of all, take a look at Cindereela’s paylines.
  • One way to start Cindereela’s 5 reels is to press the Start button.

Now, its 5 reels start revolving on selected bet. Cindereela’s standard characteristics include auto play option. Up to spins can be initiated by a click.

  • Now, before you start those 5 reels, you may want to look for Cindereela’s full screen and volume buttons.

When it comes to volume, Cindereela lets you choose whether the Novomatic-designed sounds are on or off in a single click. And you may want to keep them muted if Cindereela’s clinking and buzzing Vegas sounds are a bit too much to handle.

Volume-wise, Cindereela doesn’t offer many options. You can control the video slot’s sounds in one way only – keep them going or mute them.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to mute the typical Novomatic Vegas sounds.

Cindereela Symbols Overview

Novomatic included 14 symbols into this online title.

  • Prince – the top payer
  • Mice
  • Pumpkin
  • Ace and King
  • Queen and Jack
  • And the 10 and 9 symbol at the bottom of this list.

On those 5 reels, you’ll also encounter:

  • a scatter symbol in the form of Fairy Godmather
  • a wild symbol titled Cinderella


There is more to this Novomatic game than the key prizes. Pay attention to Ace and King and Queen and Jack which can bring you 200x and 150x your stake per line. In the end, there are also the 10 and 9 symbols linked to the lowest prize, so 100x your stake may be yours if you hit 5 of these.

Keep your eyes on the reels for Cinderella, but remember that this video slot contains a scatter symbol too. So, these Cindereela’s special tiles make a superb match. Also, 1000x line multiplier can be yours if Fairy Godmather symbols appear anywhere on those 5 reels.

Bet Lines

Novomatic made Cindereela as a video slot played on 5 reels and 10 paylines.

Paylines in Cindereela and other slots in general serve to decide the 5 reels’ payouts. You can play Cindereela with 5 up to 10 lines . To select how many you want, click the video slot’s designated payline button.

Payline Advice:

  • Direction for paylines is always left to right.
  • When you at least have 2 symbols thay match on one active line, this is when playing Cindereela pays out.
  • Great news is – if you get Cinderella symbol, this represents a substitute for any ordinary symbol1
  • When you get the Fairy Godmather, you are lucky since this pays on any payline.

All Information About the Cindereela’s Reels

When it comes to its reels, Cindereela kept things straight. Those 5 wheels move from up to down; downward is the most common direction for Novomatic slots’ reels, so there’s nothing special about Cindereela in that aspect. This video slot’s prizes can be way more special, though.

Playing a video slot like Cindereela is great because of its 14 symbols. Included in those is the Cinderella symbol and the Fairy Godmather tile.

Novomatic’s Cindereela Progressive Jackpot

There may be no progressive jackpot in this Novomatic release, but there are other prizes, including the 2000x bet per line.

Dashboard Controls Explained

This is how you are going to navigate your way through this Novomatic title.

Turbo in Slot Games?

Unfortunately, Novomatic didn’t include this option into Cindereela. Nevertheless, the game’s not dull at all.

About Cindereela’s Info Tab

If you seek more in-depth information about Cindereela and its characteristics, use the Info tab Novomatic installed to keep you informed. It’s situated on Cindereela’s dashboard and contains its paytable, rules and other details Novomatic thought would be of use while playing Cindereela.

The great thing about using Autoplay instead Start is that Autoplay lets you play this video slot without having to click Start every single time.

With a return to player rate of excellent 95.12%, this 5-reeler seems like a good investment.

Players interested in Cindereela will be glad to know it has the Cinderella and Fairy Godmather symbols, which will be discussed in-depth later on.


Should I Hope for a Stacked Wild in Cindereela?

There are some cool features in this Cindereela. Unfortunately, a stacked wild is not an option in this Cinderella slot. But you may find the 2000x line stake multiplier interesting.

Overlay Wild Details

Unfortunately, this Cinderella themed slot doesn’t have the overlay wild option. But there is always the chance that Novomatic will introduce it in a future version.

Picking your bet is made simple in Cindereela. It takes just a few clicks, and Novomatic enabled a few ways to set it up:

  • Establish how many lines you will have for betting
  • Pick a bet level

You have the option to decide what will be the level of your bet. This means that you determine the credit you will have. In this 10 lines slot the minimum coins per line you can put is 1 and the maximum number of coins is 1. So if we take that you decided on the 1, wagered on all the lines, you will have coins per spin.

The Special Multiplier

As you probably know, there are 10 paylines slots that allow for a bet line multipler, usually varying from 100x to 2000x, but a multiplier feature doesn’t fall into this category. Novomatic opted not to include the multiplier feature in Cindereela. Since Cindereela lacks the multiplier extra, you will simply have to relay on it’s frequent, prizes.

Will Cindereela Give Me a Chance to Double What I’ve Won?

Novomatic wanted to put in the Gamble round here so you can feel the true thrill of a video slot.

Now, if you’ve chosen to play Cindereela online, you’re already off to a good start.
Keep in mind that online slot games, including Cindereela, are determined by random numbers, so at the end of the day, it’s really chance, not Novomatic, that determines your fate. Because it is a computer program and not a physical machine, each Cindereela spin is independent of all other spins on those 5 reels and you cannot predict the outcome based on previous outcomes.

About Novomatic:

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  • Founder: Johann F. Graf
  • Headquarters: Wienerstrasse 158 Gumpoldskirchen, 2352 Austria
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