Win Cash on Gryphon’s Gold Online Slot


Gryphon’s Gold Video Slot Attributes

This left to right-paying slot has quite a few qualities, which Novomatic cunningly included to attract more than just fantasy slots fans. Here’s what the fuss is all about.

Maybe Novomatic figured that the line bet multiplier of 750x is reward enough so they didn’t inculde a jackpot. The RTP of 95.13 to 97.1%, however, could be the deciding factor for some.

Before pressing the Start button to start the game, remember that Gryphon’s Gold game gives you the options to adjust bets using coin size buttons. The adventure starts if you strike minimum 2 of the same symbols, whereas 5 symbols open up some big wins!

Getting 5 identical symbols is virtually impossible without all 9 paylines being active. Use the yes button to set this parameter.

If Gryphon’s Gold seems like your cup of tea, playing this 5-reeler requires just a few simple steps:

  • Usually, you need to select your paylines first.

9 paylines accross 5 reels are what the game offers. While this Fairy Tales – genre slot lets you choose from 1 line up, it’s best to leave 9 lines in order to boost your Gryphon’s Gold winning chances and perhaps win the jackpot.

If you play from left to right there are nice prizes awaiting. Gryphon’s Gold doesn’t pay out infrequently, although some players may expect this Novomatic game to pay less due to having less than 20 paylines. However, this video game provides some memorable wins.

  • Move on to picking the credit amount
  • Since you’re done with your Gryphon’s Gold coin size, you can select bet per line.

Make up your mind regarding a payline range between 1 and 9 bet lines. To do so, Novomatic introduced a special payline button.

It’s so easy to maximize your Gryphon’s Gold bet using a ‘bet max’ toggle. Novomatic made it with a


  • Spin the reels with the help of Gryphon’s Gold’s Start option.

With this done, you are ready for Gryphon’s Gold’s exciting gaming experience. Watch its 5 reels spin and expect some nice prizes. Novomatic also made auto-play available. Push the Start button and enjoy up to automatically played rounds.

  • When done with this, Gryphon’s Gold will be ready to play. However, Novomatic may have prepared some full screen and volume options you might want to consider.

It’s easy to indulge in this Novomatic slot’s fantastic offering when its 5 reels are spinning on a big screen. So turn on Gryphon’s Gold’s full screen and have a blast!

Keeping the volume on or off are the only options in Gryphon’s Gold – no amplifier included. That’s perhaps something Novomatic could improve in future.

How Much Does Each Gryphon’s Gold Tile Pay?

This 5-reel slot features 13 symbols, of which the top paying ones are :

  • Unicorn
  • Castle
  • Dwarves
  • Ace, King

There are special symbols, too, including:

  • the special Gryphon wild symbol
  • the specific Magic Trees scatter symbol

You can win up to coins if luck is on your side. 5 of the best paying symbols – Unicorn, which is Gryphon’s Gold’s top symbol, will do to get 750x bet per line. What you need for those coins is an investment – all 9 paylines active, and coins wagered per each of the lines.


Gryphon’s Gold’s other symbols are Ace, King – which pays a maximum of 125 multiplied with your line stakethe Queen, Jack, 10, 9, whose modest top prize of 100 may not have the ‘wow’ factor like Unicorn, but appears more frequently in Gryphon’s Gold than any of the others.

Joining the wild symbol in Gryphon’s Gold is its scatter. Magic Trees not only pays any, but also may bring 500 times your bet per line.

Gryphon’s Gold Bet Lines

You will enjoy this 5 reels’ video slot featuring also 9 paylines.

Paylines stretch across the 5 reels of this popular slot and define the Gryphon’s Gold rewarding combinations. They can be easily activated or deactivated by clicking the visibly displayed payline button.


All About the Paylines

  • Paylines pay left to right.
  • A minimum of 2 matching symbols on an active payline required for Gryphon’s Gold’s payout.
  • The Gryphon symbol substitutes for all other regular symbols.
  • Scatter symbols pay any.
  • Payouts are made only for the top win per line. Novomatic made it work so that Gryphon’s Gold would pay only the highest win of those available.
  • Payouts are available only on active paylines. Make all 9 of them active, because Gryphon’s Gold won’t let you collect a winning that appears on an inactive line.

Tips on the Progressive Jackpot

Although there’s no progressive jackpot in Gryphon’s Gold, this doesn’t mean you should be discouraged. Novomatic gave you an opportunnity to win big with the 750x line multiplier. And who knows, maybe Gryphon’s Gold will get the opportunity to join a casino’s progressive jackpot pool.

Guide to Using Gryphon’s Gold’s Control Panel

Let’s focus on this 5-reeler’s toggles.

Starting the Game with Start

Take any contemporary slot game, such as Gryphon’s Gold, and see which button is pressed the most. It’s always the game starting button, which is known by many a name, including Spin, Play, Start, or Go. However, in this 5-reeler, it’s known as Start, and it starts the reels, which may bring coins, which is Gryphon’s Gold’s largest prize. Remember, all it takes is a single click! To keep Start from feeling lonely, there are also:

About Gryphon’s Gold’s Turbo Option

So, you won’t have the opportunity to watch these 5 reels fly like the wind, but trust us – it has no bearing at all on its frequently awarded prizes.

Info Tab

Perhaps the most overlooked feature of the Gryphon’s Gold game is the Info page. It contains all the rules and other important details, so make sure you click on it.

What it Means to Have the Autoplay On?

Generally speaking, Autoplay is a very useful Gryphon’s Gold option for those who like faster play.

What is the Minimum I Can Bet in Gryphon’s Gold?

Whether it was the splendid design or the not so rare wins that drew you to Gryphon’s Gold, you should first find out the minimum amount you can bet with. When you have that information it will be easy to calculate how much you’ll pocket with the line bet multiplier of 750x.

Catering to everybody’s needs, Novomatic incorporated a command that will decrease the number of lines to 1. So, you don’t have to bet on all 9 paylines, you can play small. That’s fine. But, why would you do that? It would only impair your odds of going home with amazing bonuses and special features.

Know the Return-To-Player Rate

There’s more to Gryphon’s Gold then just it’s beutiful design . It has a staggering RTP: 95.13% to 97.1%.

Are There Any Wild Cards in This Novomatic Game?

Concerning its special features, Gryphon’s Gold involves both Gryphon and Magic Trees, a Wild and a Scatter, which are covered in the following sections.

Gryphon’s Gold’s Expanding Extra

Having an expanding wild symbol is great, but this fantasy slot doesn’t have one. But there are so many other special ingredients in Gryphon’s Gold that you won’t even know it’s missing.

Does Gryphon’s Gold Have a Stacked Wild?

For some reason, Novomatic opted to pass on the stacked wild for this 9 paylines slot. Luckily, Novomatic was good enough to provide the line multiplier of 750x times your wager.

Using the Paytable

The paytable povides all neccessary information about what will the 13 get you. Click the yes to find out what symbols are represented in Gryphon’s Gold and how much they pay out. For this video slot when you have 2 same symbols. Most you can match is 5, that’s one per reel. Your biggest win will be if you manage to pull off 5 symbols that match. In Gryphon’s Gold, the regular symbol that pays the most is the Unicorn. You can see from the paytable that Unicorn will pay you as much as 750x line bet, providing you get all 5. Castle is the second best when it comes to payout, it multiplies the bet line 400 times, which is not too shabby. Dwarves is the third highest paying symbol that will bring you 250 times what you wagered. Gryphon’s Gold’s fourth highest paying tile is the Ace, King. So if you fill up a line with 5 of these tiles you will be winning a line bet multiplied by 125x. You could argue that the most insignificant symbol of all is the Queen, Jack, 10, 9 which pays the least, but that doesn’t mean it is useless. In this video slot it will multiple the stake you have per line 100 times.

And that’s not all – Ace, King is also there to reward your investment 125 times more than your stake per line. Gryphon’s Gold’s decent payouts don’t stop there – out of 13 symbols, the lowest paying is Queen, Jack, 10, 9, which pays most frequently, and Novomatic gave even this symbol a desireable payout – 100x line stake for 5 of them lined up on one of the 9 lines. How cool’s that?


Credit Size for Gryphon’s Gold

In this 9 paylines slot you can determine your credit size in several ways:

  • Picking active paylines
  • Wagering a number of coins per line
  • Coin amount settings
  • Wagering cash amount per line

There are 9 lines in this slot, but you don’t have to activate all. Novomatic was so kind as to provide the more hesitant players with a choice to choose just 1 of them. But you should know this will impact your winning chances, so it is always better to have them all in.

Poplulate each of the 9 lines with a number of coins you prefer, and control your overall stake. Bet 1 or bet 100, or make a blend you feel is right for you.

Gryphon’s Gold’s Multiplier Feature

You will usually have a line multiplier in a 9 paylines slot, and this can be minimum 100 times or a maximum 750 times. But multiplier bonus is a different thing and Gryphon’s Gold is devoid of it. Although this slot has a composite design, this feature wasn’t included in the game. If you were hoping Gryphon’s Gold would bestow you with a multiplier bonus, don’t hold your breath. Maybe Novomatic will include it in a future version.

Special Features in Gryphon’s Gold

What does Gryphon’s Gold offer?

Can I Double my Winnings?

Want to gamble more? No problem – Gryphon’s Gold offers you an extra Gamble feature, in which you can risk your Gryphon’s Gold winnings if you’re up for additional thrill.

This is the way the Gamble feature functions:On every win you get in Gryphon’s Gold, you’ll be offered the Gamble game to double or lose your prize. Novomatic enabled you to collect your money, too, so yes is purely optional. The next step is to press yes is yes to start the game. It will offer Red and Black buttons as two choices for your guess. Gryphon’s Gold winnings will be doubled if you’re right, while Gamble will annul them if you’re wrong.

Gryphon’s Gold’s Graphics and Design

Here, Novomatic opted to produce this slot as a video one, giving the 13 symbols a vibrant feel. You’ll also find 9 paylines and some settings:

  • begin playing Gryphon’s Gold for money
  • gives you a overview of the paytable
  • determining the number of bet lines
  • coin value setting
  • the 5 reels will be on auto spin
  • engages the full screen mode
  • sets your wager to a minimum
  • takes the betting to the max
  • makes the game sound go to mute
  • gives you the chance to double your win by picking Black or Red button
  • gives info on Gryphon’s Gold

How to Bet Smart?

Sometimes the higher the denomination you bet in this video title, the better your winning odds. However, wager lower and you may save money while playing Novomatic slots.
That said – you gotta find a system that works for you. Define your playing style, and play along – at the end of the day you’ll end up having more fun that way.

Now, if you’ve chosen to play Gryphon’s Gold online, you’re already off to a good start.
Keep in mind that online slot games, including Gryphon’s Gold, are determined by random numbers, so at the end of the day, it’s really chance, not Novomatic, that determines your fate. Because it is a computer program and not a physical machine, each Gryphon’s Gold spin is independent of all other spins on those 5 reels and you cannot predict the outcome based on previous outcomes.

Details about Novomatic:

  • Established: 1980
  • Founder: Johann F. Graf
  • Headquarters: Wienerstrasse 158 Gumpoldskirchen, 2352 Austria
  • Website:
  • Specialties: State-of-the-art Electronic Gaming Equipment, Online and Mobile Gaming, Gaming Operations, Lottery Solutions, Networked Technologies