Jewels 4 All Online Slot Review



There’s a lot to hope for with Jewels 4 All’s the maximum line bet win of 1000x and having in the mind the RTP of 95%, your winning odds seem quite decent.

The Way Jewels 4 All Works

Before you start spinning the 5 reels, you should get to know the rules:

  • There are 9 paylines with both ways payout direction
  • You can leave only one active line
  • In case you receive several winners, the most lucrative one is paid
  • In order to hit a winner you must receive 3 identical icons on one line
  • The smallest wager is one coin
  • Any regular symbol can be swapped by the Wild symbol
  • If something goes wrong during your Jewels 4 All play, the play and the prizes won’t count

The Way to Play Jewels 4 All

In order to be successful in playing 9 paylines slot games, and especially when you play Jewels 4 All online for real money, there are a couple of pointers we’d like to give you.

Want to try this video slot? Here’s how:

  • The first decision to make may refer to the number of active paylines.

The payouts come both ways providing numerous winning opportunities as Jewels 4 All pays. It is commonly believed that games that have under 20 paylines but this video slot pays some worthy prizes.

  • This was easy, right? The next step is just as simple – choose your credit size.
  • After credit sum, your next step is to choose a line bet.

Make up your mind regarding a payline range between 1 and 9 bet lines. To do so, Novomatic introduced a special payline button.

  • If you’re ready to go, press and watch the 9 paylines at work.

Once you press this button, you’ll see the 5 reels start on the bet size you picked. Novomatic also included an auto play button with which Jewels 4 All will make up to spins in one round.

  • Before moving on to playing this Novomatic release, you might be interested in two more toggles used to set Jewels 4 All’s volume and full screen.

The full screen button is there to help you enjoy Jewels 4 All’s design to the maximum and savour the moment you win that 1000x line stake or some other high prize.

Speaking of Jewels 4 All’s volume button, it can be used to mute this video slot while its reels are spinning.It’s good to have it because Jewels 4 All features classic Vegas sounds, and Novomatic obviously forgot that they may not be as thrilling when you hear them at home.

Keeping the volume on or off are the only options in Jewels 4 All – no amplifier included. That’s perhaps something Novomatic could improve in future.

Players used to Vegas-style slots would expect this video title to offer the mute switch, as such Novomatic’s games usually include lots of coin-inspired sounds.

How Much Does Each Jewels 4 All Tile Pay?

Novomatic included 8 symbols into this online title. The following are the video slot’s best paying among them:

  • Crown – the top payer
  • Gold Bars and Stacks of Cash
  • Red and Blue Jewels
  • And the Pink and Green Jewels symbol at the bottom of this list.

Aside from those regular symbols, Novomatic also included some special ones, such as:

  • a wild symbol titled Euro Star
  • an expanding wild with the obvious Euro Star image

If you’re playing Jewels 4 All to win big, keep an eye on Crown, its most generous symbol, 5 of which pay out a massive prize – 1000x payline bet. Expressed in coins, on the 900 maximum stake per each of the 9 paylines, this prize would amount to lucrative coins!


In the end, there are also the Pink and Green Jewels symbols linked to the lowest prize, so 100x your stake may be yours if you hit 5 of these.

How Jewels 4 All’s winlines work

Mirroring Jewels 4 All’s coolness is a related Novomatic release: the Just Jewels video slot, whose reels and lines are the same as in Jewels 4 All – 5 and 9, respectively. They differ in some other aspects, though.

Paylines in Jewels 4 All and other slots in general serve to decide the 5 reels’ payouts. You can play Jewels 4 All with 1 up to 9 lines . To select how many you want, click the video slot’s designated payline button.

You can wager at least 1 coins, which means 1 coin per line. Your top bet can be 900 coins, or 100 coins per line.It’s possible to set coin value, too because there is a special button for that.

It’s easy to set your bet in Jewels 4 All and place multiple bet coins – from 1 to 100.


Payline Advice:

  • Winning on Jewels 4 All’s paylines is both ways.
  • Get at least 3 matching symbols along a payline for Jewels 4 All to pay a prize.
  • All regular symbols can be substituted by the Euro Star symbol.
  • Expanding across the reels is Euro Star, which occupies more lines and makes Jewels 4 All much more lucrative.
  • Top win per line paid alone. In case of two or more Jewels 4 All wins on an active line, the biggest one is paid.
  • If you decide to play on less than 9 bet lines, count on less frequent wins. Jewels 4 All won’t pay for any wins hit on inactive lines.

Find Out More About Reels

If you like straightforward, no-nonsense exciting slots, then take Jewels 4 All for a spin. Its 5 reels going downward let you concentrate on getting yourself some serious cash! Precisely what Novomatic had in mind with this Jewelry-themed game – easy-breezy spinning for some nice wins.

Tips on the Progressive Jackpot

In Jewels 4 All you won’t find a progressive jackpot, but that doesn’t make this arcade-themed game any less exciting because you can win big with the Crown symbol. On the other hand, there could be a Novomatic-powered casino that’s planning to take in Jewels 4 All as a part of its progressive jackpot pot.

Is this a Video Type Slot?

This popular game is a video slot. While graphics are on the basic level, Novomatic developed a quality layout to satisfy all players. As one of the best slot producers, Novomatic has laid out a firm foundation for Jewels 4 All. Rewarding features may appear on any of the 5 reels, as well as interesting winning animations on any of 9 lines.

What are the Buttons’ Commands?

The following will explain Jewels 4 All’s commands and how to use them.

Get to Know What Turbo Mode Means

However, this Novomatic title doesn’t feature one, which doesn’t diminish the 5 reels effectiveness.

Generally speaking, Autoplay is a very useful Jewels 4 All option for those who like faster play.

What is the Minimum Bet About?

You don’t have to include all 9 paylines. But in order to win big, you have to bet big. And having less lines isn’t the way to go about it. If you select just 1 of them, you can bet that this won’t help you win the jackpot .

Setting Max Bet

If you want maximum chances of winning Jewels 4 All’s feature and jackpot prizes, why not use max bet button, a button that sets your bet to maximum.

Are There Any Special Features I Should Know About?

Playing Jewels 4 All involves some feature wins on its Euro Star symbol which makes additional winners.

Can I Get a Scatter Symbol on One of the 5 Reels?

How Does Jewels 4 All Wild Work?

Novomatic made good on this slot by including the Euro Star wild symbol. The wild is going to replace a symbol in order to get you 5 matching ones. Now, lets presume that you have 4 of Gold Bars and Stacks of Cash symbols. If one of the other tiles in that line is the wild, it will carry Gold Bars and Stacks of Cash’s function and this will bring you the 500x the stake you had for that line. So yeah, this is a tile you want to get.


When you see the image above it means you’ve hit the Wild.

What is the Expanding Symbol?

There’s more to Jewels 4 All than meets the eye – it has a special kind of wild that will make you very happy: the expanding wild. So when you see the Euro Star tile your line bet will be multiplied by .

Jewels 4 All Stacked Wild

You’ll see no stacked wild on these 5 reels, as Novomatic didn’t include it in its offering. Jewels 4 All, however, has other features worth your attention.

Should I Look for and Overlay Extra in Jewels 4 All?

An overlay wild is wishful thinking in Jewels 4 All, but who knows – maybe Novomatic will introduce it in an update of this 5-reel slot.

Paytable Rundown

The paytable povides all neccessary information about what will the 8 get you. Take a look to see what symbols are represented in Jewels 4 All and how much they pay out. For this video slot when you have 3 same symbols. Most you can match is 5, that’s one per reel. Your biggest win will be if you manage to pull off 5 symbols that match. In Jewels 4 All, the regular symbol that pays the most is the Crown. You can see from the paytable that Crown will pay you as much as 1000x line bet, providing you get all 5. Gold Bars and Stacks of Cash is the second best when it comes to payout, it multiplies the bet line 500 times, which is not too shabby. Red and Blue Jewels is the third highest paying symbol that will bring you 200 times what you wagered. You could argue that the most insignificant symbol of all is the Pink and Green Jewels which pays the least, but that doesn’t mean it is useless. In this video slot it will multiple the stake you have per line 100 times.

And that’s not all – is also there to reward your investment times more than your stake per line. Jewels 4 All’s decent payouts don’t stop there – out of 8 symbols, the lowest paying is Pink and Green Jewels, which pays most frequently, and Novomatic gave even this symbol a desireable payout – 100x line stake for 5 of them lined up on one of the 9 lines. How cool’s that?


The Credit Setup

If Jewels 4 All caught your fancy, which could be due to its prizes, first find out how you can make your bet.

  • Active paylines selection
  • Bet level setup
  • Coin size setup
  • Cash per line bet selection

You can wager on 9 lines in this genuine title. Activate from 1 to 9 of them and play as you wish.

A speedy way to adjusts your stake in Jewels 4 All is the bet value. Starting from 1 and rising to a maximum level of 100, bet value easily changes your overall stake from 1 to 900. Remember, the changes include all 9 lines.

Can I Determine the Value of My Coins in Jewels 4 All?

Knowing how much you will stand to win is very important, that’s why Novomatic enabled you to decide what value your coins will have in this video slot.

The Gamble Round

Jewels 4 All can be very lucrative if you choose to go ahead and try the Gamble round: This 9 paylines slot will remind you of this option each time you win money. Just know that the Gamble round is not something you have to play. So the yes tile, once you click it, will be the point of no return. You are the one that will determine how to proceed. This video slot will show you two options: to click the Red button or the Black button. This is where you want to be careful, because this will be the Jewels 4 All’s double or nothing moment. or else=

Jewels 4 All Layout

It includes the following toggles:

  • start playing Jewels 4 All for cash
  • pick how many lines will be active
  • pick bet size
  • set the value of coin
  • initiate Auto Spin
  • open full screen
  • access minimum bet in one click
  • access max bet in one click
  • mute Jewels 4 All’s volume completely
  • gamble winnings
  • access Jewels 4 All rules

About Novomatic:

  • Established: 1980
  • Founder: Johann F. Graf
  • Headquarters: Wienerstrasse 158 Gumpoldskirchen, 2352 Austria
  • Website:
  • Specialties: State-of-the-art Electronic Gaming Equipment, Online and Mobile Gaming, Gaming Operations, Lottery Solutions, Networked Technologies