Lord of the Ocean Online Slot Review



Lord of the Ocean History

The Lord of the Ocean slot name stands for standard and quality. Novomatic keeps this video game up-to-date in all aspects. Lord of the Ocean was first presented in 2012 and has never lost its appeal.

How Does Lord of the Ocean Work?

Novomatic introduced the following rules into this 5-reel slot title:

  • Lord of the Ocean pays out when at least 3 of a kind symbols appear on one of 10 paylines, which pay left to right, unless you hit a the Scatter symbol, which pays on any position
  • You can choose to activate from 5 to 10 bet lines
  • You can place the minimum of coins

With more active lines, hitting 5 matching symbols is much easier. While Lord of the Ocean allows also betting on specific lines, this Novomatic game is generally more generous if 10 lines are active.

The following are some simple steps that playing Lord of the Ocean requires:

  • Let’s take a look at the number of active paylines first.
  • Now, it’s time to select credit sum:

While you have to decide about paylines, Novomatic has already defined the coin size for you. Therefore, enjoy the game as there is the famous 5000x bet per line to be won.

  • Playing Lord of the Ocean is getting closer – now you need to choose your line bet.

Coin value in Lord of the Ocean is not a variable, as Novomatic has determined the standard value of 1 coins per line.

Make up your mind regarding a payline range between 5 and 10 bet lines. To do so, Novomatic introduced a special payline button.

There’s also the bet size button in Lord of the Ocean, which facilitates setting your bet.

  • Spin the reels with the help of Lord of the Ocean’s Start option.

Upon activating this button, its 5 reels start moving. All other Lord of the Ocean settings remain unchanged. Novomatic’s auto play button can trigger up to spins at a go.

  • Now, take another look at Lord of the Ocean’s dashboard – you should see two more options: one for full screen and another one for volume.

Volume settings are easily operated in Lord of the Ocean. You can enjoy playing in complete silence – Novomatic added the mute button to main settings. Its 5 reels may bring you luck, but this 10 paylines game contains rather poor sounds. So, Lord of the Ocean is even better in silent mode.

As a matter of fact, Lord of the Ocean doesn’t allow many sound volume modifications – its 10 paylines pay with sound either on or off.

Having in mind Lord of the Ocean’s irritating sound effects, it’s certain that Novomatic made a mistake there.

Tiles, Symbols, Images

Once you start spinning those 5 reels, you’ll start getting payouts from 10 symbols, including:

  • Poseidon
  • Mermaid
  • Treasure Chest
  • Ace, King
  • And the Queen, Jack, 10 symbol at the bottom of this list.
  • a wild symbol: Scatter
  • a scatter symbol: Scatter
  • a frespins symbol: Scatter

Lord of the Ocean Bet Lines

This is a 5-reel, 10-payline video slot.

There are 5 reels in this ocean-themed slot that can contain various paylines. Lord of the Ocean’s paylines make rewarding combinations, and you can pick the desired lines by means of the payline toggle.

Progressive Jackpots in Novomatic Slots

That’s a negative. This 10 paylines slot could be portrayed as a bit simpler, but as a consolation for not making it in 3D, Novomatic included a line multiplier of 5000x and all the other trimmings that you came for.

What is the Specials Situation in Lord of the Ocean?

The first thing that you notice among Lord of the Ocean’s special features are its prominent Scatter and Scatter symbols, which we’ll explain later.


Meet Lord of the Ocean’s Wild Side

The Scatter wild feature here works much like a Joker in a card game. In case you get 4 Treasure Chests you need just one to line up all 5 of them and get 750x bet. That’s where Lord of the Ocean’s cool Scatter wild jumps in to replace the missing Treasure Chest symbol. Apart from that, the Scatter wild feature possesses another role, to work as a scatter symbol.


The above image represents the Wild symbol.

Does Lord of the Ocean Have a Stacked Wild?

Lord of the Ocean doesn’t have a stacked wild symbol. But you have a chance to get the 5000x line multiplier, so you might as well give it a spin.

The Overlay Symbol in Lord of the Ocean

The sad truth is that Novomatic reckoned this slot is great as it is and that it doesn’t need an overlay wild as well.

Payout Information

If you manage to get 5 same symbols on a line this will payout a whooping maximum of 5000 times your bet in that line. You can get this much if the symbols in question are all the Poseidon image. So these are the ones to strive for. Also, you should be happy if you line up the Mermaid symbol, because it will pay just a little less than the symbol – 2000x of your line wager. But if you fail to obtain these, fear not, there’s still a chance to make your play worth the time. If you line up 5 of the third highest paying symbols – Treasure Chest, they will reward you with 750x of the line bet, and there’s also the Ace, King symbol which pays 150x. And while your spinning those reels make sure you stay on the look out for the tile – it will do you good by multiplying that bet line times. But, should all else fail, there is still the humble Queen, Jack, 10 that multiplies the wager 100 times. So look at it this way: playing this ocean styled game will very likely do good by you only if you keep at it.

Casing Out with Lord of the Ocean’s Multiplier Feature

Multiplier feature is a common thing among video slots. It is therefore quite annoying that Lord of the Ocean doesn’t have one, and hopefully, Novomatic will include it in one of Lord of the Ocean updates.

Music Score and Sound Effects

How often do you get a video slot with such pesky sounds? Having just one such 10 paylines slot is already one too many.

About Novomatic:

  • Established: 1980
  • Founder: Johann F. Graf
  • Headquarters: Wienerstrasse 158 Gumpoldskirchen, 2352 Austria
  • Website: www.Novomatic.com
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