The Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe Online Slot

Taking a single look at Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe reveals that this video slot, introduced in 2010, has a lot to offer. Made by Novomatic just like its successor, Lucky Lady’s Charm, which involves a few different features, Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe is a smooth running slot thanks to Novomatic’s regular updates.

Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe Rules

Before you start spinning the 5 reels, you should get to know the rules:

  • Substitute symbols replace other 13 symbols. Wilds do not replace scatter symbols

Here are a few simple steps to enjoy Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe

  • Now that things are settled with the Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe coin size, you can pick your line bet amount.

Coin value in Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe is not a variable, as Novomatic has determined the standard value of 1 coins per line.

  • Just like in so many other Novomatic slots, motivate the reels to spin using Start button.

The next thing you see are Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe’s 5 reels spinning for the selected credit amount. Novomatic also offers the auto-play option. Forget about Start button and let the reels spin for times or less if you choose so.

  • The next step is setting Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe’s volume and screen according to your preference.

When it comes to volume, Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe lets you choose whether the Novomatic-designed sounds are on or off in a single click.And you may want to keep them muted if Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe’s clinking and buzzing Vegas sounds are a bit too much to handle.

Volume-wise, Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe doesn’t offer many options. You can control the video slot’s sounds in one way only – keep them going or mute them.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to mute the typical Novomatic Vegas sounds.

Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe also offers the following special symbols:

  • a wild symbol: Lady Luck
  • a scatter symbol: Magic Spell
  • a frespins symbol: Magic Spell

If your eyes are on the big prize, Ladybug is the symbol to look for. It brings the best prizes and may reward you with up to 750-fold line stake or , provided that you play on all 10 bet lines and stake the maximum coins on each of them.


Another version of the iconic Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe video slot is Lucky Lady’s Charm, a game that involves 9 lines, unlike Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe’s 10 lines, but the same number of reels – 5.

What Can You Find on Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe’s Reels?

When it comes to its reels, Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe kept things straight. Those 5 wheels move from up to down; downward is the most common direction for Novomatic slots’ reels, so there’s nothing special about Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe in that aspect. This video slot’s prizes can be way more special, though.

Tips on the Progressive Jackpot

There may be no progressive jackpot in this Novomatic release, but there are other prizes, including the 750x bet per line.

Which Button Does What?

Here’s what Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe offers in this department.

What Does the Turbo Setting Do?

Sadly, Novomatic opted out of adding the Turbo mode in Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe, but it has maximum RTP of 95.13%, which is nice.

What is Autoplay?

Generally speaking, autoplay serves to spin reels automatically, for a predetermined number of times. That way there’s no need to press Start every time you want to start the game; videoslots usually just require resetting Autoplay when it’s done or a feature is hit. In Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe, this feature is simply great – press Start to set its 5 reels in motion more than once and this Novomatic slot’s 13 symbols will work in your favour. Once Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe’s Autospin is done, simply click it again to reset it.

Autospin, as we said, is a replacement for Start, which lets you play Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe without constant clicking.

If you don’t want to bet too much, there is a convenient toggle in this video slot that will set your bet per line at the minimum of 0.03. Which is fine, but then it wouldn’t be advisable to bet it on minimum of lines because that is not really lucrative.

The Credit Setup

You know that spinning those 5 reels is going to be fun, but you ought to be smart about how you are going to make the most of the 13 symbols. So think about the options Novomatic made available.

  • Establish how many lines you will have for betting
  • Pick a bet level

The bet value or level refers to the size of your bet per line. Since there are no coins in Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe, Novomatic used this as a replacement.Settings range from 1 and 1, effective on all 10 lines. Using simple math, bet level 1 takes us to total bet.

The Special Multiplier

Multiplier feature is a common thing among video slots. It is therefore quite annoying that Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe doesn’t have one, and hopefully, Novomatic will include it in one of Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe updates.

Interested in this feature? This is how Gamble can be used:If you want your Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe prizes put at stake instantly, Gamble will help you do it. Opt for Gamble and all you should do is press yes is yes to start it. Two choices will be offered – Red and Black, and if you guess well, your Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe prize will be twice as high. However, Gamble will take everything should you guess wrong.

Playing Experience

  • set bet size
  • start auto play
  • open Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe in full screen
  • mute Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe
  • access Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe’s info section


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