Marco Polo Online Slot Review

This video game attracts both experienced and new players. Novomatic first introduced this slot in 2011. Marco Polo has ever since its release been among Novomatic’s key offers, always up-to-date and perfectly operating.

Marco Polo Guidelines

Rules for playing this 9 paylines game are as follows:

  • Payouts are made left to right exclusive of scatters
  • Prizes are paid only for wagers placed on active lines
  • Joker symbol is Marco Polo’s wild, which does not replace only scatters
  • Scatter prizes are paid from any position on Marco Polo’s reels
  • Place at least one coin per spin to play Marco Polo

The following is the guide to playing Marco Polo:

  • Usually, you need to select your paylines first.
  • The size of your Marco Polo credit is the next step in playing this Novomatic title

Paylines are adaptable in this game. So, 9 of them are the maximum, while 1 is the minimum you can opt for.

Manual bet maximization in Marco Polo is a thing of the past – Novomatic smartly included a bet max button into this Marco Polo -themed game’s dashboard. There’s also the lowroller-friendly bet one option.

Apart from spinning the reels, pressing Start will also keep the previously set credit and lines. In addition, you can also use Marco Polo’s auto play mode with which those 5 reels will keep spinning on their own for maximum times. After they’re done, you can restart the auto spin round.

  • Anything else, you wonder? Well, let’s see if Novomatic gave us full screen and volume options.

Chinese, Gold Chest and other Marco Polo characters

Novomatic included 11 symbols into this online title. The following are the video slot’s best paying among them:

  • Chinese which brings up to 2000x line bet
  • Gold Chest
  • Map
  • Ace
  • King, Queen
  • and the lowest paying Jack, 10.

There are special symbols, too, including:

  • a scatter symbol in the form of Camel
  • a special symbol in the shape of Green Camel tile
  • a wild symbol titled Marco Polo



This slot is attractive because of its Marco Polo symbol and its scatter together! Marco Polo’s Camel symbol offers not only the x prize, but also pays any.

About Marco Polo Paylines

This slot’s main characteristics include video animations, 5 reels and 9 lines.

Novomatic included a bet range of 1 to 200 coins per line, or 1 to 1800 coins in total.

You can place a range of bets – from 1 to 200 to set your wager according to your needs.


How to Make the Most Out of Marco Polo’s Payline System?

  • This Marco Polo has lines that pay in left to right.
  • For you to get the prize, least number of 2 symbols must match.
  • If you would like to replace any of ordinary simbols, Novomatic made it easy – you just need a Marco Polo, which will replace any of them.
  • You can have the Camel symbol anywhere, and it will pay!
  • If you want to get your prize, and you do, make sure you activated all of the bet line, because Marco Polo doesn’t pay inactive paylines.

Find Out More About Reels

Novomatic kept the direction in which Marco Polo’s reels are moving quite ordinary – when activated, the 5 spinning wheels move toward the bottom of Marco Polo’s screen, bringing nice, generous prizes up to 2000x line bet.

There are 11 regular symbols in Marco Polo, along with a wild symbol and a scatter. The game involves a Green Camel symbol, too, that’s limited to Marco Polo alone.

Guidelines to Buttons’ Functions

Here’s a few pointers about Marco Polo controls:

  • Change the sound level
  • The Bet One and Max Bet buttons will determine the maximum and minimum betting amount
  • Enable playing Marco Polo in full screen
  • Additional information on Marco Polo and its paytable

About Marco Polo’s Lowest Bet Amount

It’s genuinely easy to set minimum bet in Marco Polo; all you need to do is click Bet One to see your bet drop to a single coin.

Marco Polo can be played with only 1 out of the 9 paylines. But doing so won’t do you any favours if you want to get any of the special features.

RTP Rate for Marco Polo

Marco Polo is quite popular, and with a reason – it has an astonishing RTP of 96.19%, so you will love spinning those 11 symbols.

When you see the image above it means you’ve hit the Wild.

Are there any Stacked Wilds in this 9-liner?

You’ll see no stacked wild on these 5 reels, as Novomatic didn’t include it in its offering. Marco Polo, however, has other features worth your attention.

How to Use the Overlay Tile

You won’t find an overlay wild symbol in Marco Polo. Maybe there is a certain reason why Novomatic didn’t incorporate it in this video slot, but for now you’ll have to spin it as is.

Paytable in Marco Polo

All the prize info you need about Marco Polo is contained in the paytable, activated with a single click, which contains the details about the Novomatic slot’s special features, rules and most importantly – 11 symbols and their payouts.


How To Determine the Credit Size

You know that spinning those 5 reels is going to be fun, but you ought to be smart about how you are going to make the most of the 11 symbols. So think about the options Novomatic made available.

  • Setting the paylines number
  • You can put a desired amount of coins on a line

Marco Polo gives you the option to determine how many paylines you’ll have as active. You have a total of 9 lines, but if you would like to have 1, you can.

Poplulate each of the 9 lines with a number of coins you prefer, and control your overall stake. Bet 1 or bet 200, or make a blend you feel is right for you.

Details about Novomatic:

  • Established: 1980
  • Founder: Johann F. Graf
  • Headquarters: Wienerstrasse 158 Gumpoldskirchen, 2352 Austria
  • Website:
  • Specialties: State-of-the-art Electronic Gaming Equipment, Online and Mobile Gaming, Gaming Operations, Lottery Solutions, Networked Technologies