Trying Your Luck with the Plenty on Twenty Slot


Plenty on Twenty Video Slot Attributes

Before you is the Plenty on Twenty online slot, perfectly tailored for you and other video enthusiasts.

This genuine Novomatic online slot offers 8 picturesque symbols,if the Star exists=” such as scatters and substitutes,” and some cool features, too.

Plenty on Twenty History

Produced and licensed by Novomatic, this 5-reel slot, introduced in 2011, is a major player attraction. Regularly updated by Novomatic, this video slot always runs sleekly.


New to online gambling? Here’s how to start playing Plenty on Twenty:

  • The first decision to make may refer to the number of active paylines.
  • Once you’re done with credit size, pick your bet per line.

There’s only one coin per line value to choose in Plenty on Twenty – 1. Perhaps more will be available in some new versions of Plenty on Twenty.

  • If you’re ready to go, press Start and watch the 20 paylines at work.

The next thing you see are Plenty on Twenty’s 5 reels spinning for the selected credit amount. Novomatic also offers the auto-play option. Forget about Start button and let the reels spin for times or less if you choose so.

  • Before moving on to playing this Novomatic release, you might be interested in two more toggles used to set Plenty on Twenty’s volume and full screen.

Choosing the full-screen option provided by Novomatic guarantees total immersion into the Plenty on Twenty game with no distractions whatsoever.

When it comes to volume, Plenty on Twenty lets you choose whether the Novomatic-designed sounds are on or off in a single click.

Keeping the volume on or off are the only options in Plenty on Twenty – no amplifier included. That’s perhaps something Novomatic could improve in future.

But also, take a look at

  • The scatter symbol – Star
  • The wild symbol – Red Seven

The Plenty on Twenty’s lowest rewards come with the Cherry symbols. Still, their maximal prize of 100x bet per line is not negligable.

Joining the wild symbol in Plenty on Twenty is its scatter. Star not only pays any, but also may bring 10000 times your bet per line.

Bet Lines

Before you stands the video slot based on5 reels and 20 paylines.

All Information About the Plenty on Twenty’s Reels

Introducing Plenty on Twenty’s reels, one must notice that these 5 blocks follow the rules of gravitation, moving downward. This is perfectly normal for a video slot, such as this Novomatic title.

Is Plenty on Twenty a Novomatic 3D Game?

Sadly, no. Novomatic opted for a simpler approach. However, Plenty on Twenty will land you prizes time and again, making this game one of your favourites.

Guidelines to Buttons’ Functions

Here are the details on how to operate Plenty on Twenty.

The Start Toggle

Those 5 reels won’t spin by themselves, so you need to get them going by pushing the Start button. And once you start this Novomatic title, you are signing up for a chance to get some colossal prizes, including the line bet multiplier of 400 times. Plus, Novomatic provided some other buttons as well:

  • The Fullscreen toggle, to make Plenty on Twenty occupy the whole screen
  • A mute button
  • An info tab for Plenty on Twenty’s paytable and general rules

How to Activate the Turbo Mode

About Plenty on Twenty’s Info Tab

If you seek more in-depth information about Plenty on Twenty and its characteristics, use the Info tab Novomatic installed to keep you informed. It’s situated on Plenty on Twenty’s dashboard and contains its paytable, rules and other details Novomatic thought would be of use while playing Plenty on Twenty.

Autoplay 101

Generally speaking, autoplay serves to spin reels automatically, for a predetermined number of times. That way there’s no need to press Start every time you want to start the game; videoslots usually just require resetting Autoplay when it’s done or a feature is hit. In Plenty on Twenty, this feature is simply great – press Start to set its 5 reels in motion more than once and this Novomatic slot’s 8 symbols will work in your favour. Once Plenty on Twenty’s Autospin is done, simply click it again to reset it.


Does Plenty on Twenty Have a Wild?

The Red Seven wild feature here works much like a Joker in a card game. In case you get 4 s you need just one to line up all 5 of them and get x bet. That’s where Plenty on Twenty’s cool Red Seven wild jumps in to replace the missing symbol.


The above image represents the Wild symbol.

The Expanding Wild

The expanding wild is not featured in this trendy video slot. But, so what? Plenty on Twenty offers so many different ways to boost your odds and your account.

Should I Hope for a Stacked Wild in Plenty on Twenty?

There are some cool features in this Plenty on Twenty. Unfortunately, a stacked wild is not an option in this arcade slot. But you may find the 400x line stake multiplier interesting.

More than Just a Wild

You won’t find an overlay wild symbol in Plenty on Twenty. Maybe there is a certain reason why Novomatic didn’t incorporate it in this video slot, but for now you’ll have to spin it as is.

In this 20 paylines slot you can determine your credit size in several ways:

  • Selecting bet level
  • Wagering cash amount per line
  • open real money mode
  • check out Plenty on Twenty’s paytable
  • set preferred bet amount
  • enter Auto Play mode
  • star full screen mode
  • mute volume
  • risk what Plenty on Twenty pays out by choosing Black or Red options in the double or nothing special feature
  • view Info table

About Novomatic:

  • Established: 1980
  • Founder: Johann F. Graf
  • Headquarters: Wienerstrasse 158 Gumpoldskirchen, 2352 Austria
  • Website:
  • Specialties: State-of-the-art Electronic Gaming Equipment, Online and Mobile Gaming, Gaming Operations, Lottery Solutions, Networked Technologies