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Dreaming of playing Royal Treasures with free money? No problem! Quasar offers promotions that allow fans of Novomatic slots to enjoy quality games such as the Royal Treasures online slot and many other video slots with more than just their deposit. Quasar therefore created numerous player bonuses, including a 150% sign-up bonus, activated with the MAXCODE bonus code.

When you’re ready to sign-up, Quasar will offer you to exchange the MAXCODE bonus code for their exclusive 150% welcome bonus after you deposit. Do so by entering it into a designated spot on Quasar’s mobile or online site.

Quasar Welcome Offer

150% more than you deposited – that’s what Quasar offers when you register and deposit min €10. To make a deposit to Quasar easily and quickly, a Paypal account will do. For example, 150% in the amount of €10 will be credited after you deposit €10. Double the money, double the fun!

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Having a 750x line multiplier and a potential cash reward of €900000 aren’t the only fetching characteristics of this 9-payliner. If you happen to be a royalty fan, then the clean-cut design will surely take your fancy, but not as much as the frequent winners which are awarded by the 5 reels that can really fill up your account. Oh, and lets not forget the special features!

Benefits such as the 750x line bet multiplier generally enhance the quality of Royal Treasures, which offers not only that, but also always welcome free spins, and a €900000 cash reward. This neat slot game available at Quasar further guarantees to its players awards even with €1 the minimal bet per game line and up to €900000 in winnings.

About Royal Treasures Features

Novomatic must have had Treasure-themed slots fans in the mind when they made Royal Treasures. But, so many other Novomatic slots players love it, too. Here’s what to expect if you choose Royal Treasures as your lucky slot.

Some of the specials in Royal Treasures include additional free spins You’ll find 13 regular symbols and a jocker.

Instead of a jackpot, Novomatic made Globus Cruciger the top paying symbol which could give 750x line bet in a blink. The help of the 95% return to player may just make those 5 reels pay out this sum.

In order to play Royal Treasures for real money you need to find online casinos that offer Novomatic slots. If you opt for Quasar, you’ll get a real treat. New account here equals free money, thanks to Quasar € 300 bonus you can get after entering MAXCODE in a bonus code field on Quasar. Use it to enjoy Royal Treasures and many other titles in Quasar’s offering. Also, you’ll like the fact that Royal Treasures works smoothly on mobile when you access Quasar’s mobile site.

Royal Treasures History

Royal Treasures was successfully released in 2012 and it became one of the Novomatic titles you can find in Quasar casino. If you encounter some problems with this 9-payliner you can rest assured that Novomatic will update it if need be.

How Does Royal Treasures Work?

Before you start spinning the 5 reels, you should get to know the rules:

  • There are 9 paylines with left to right payout direction, with the exception of the Scatter given wins
  • You can leave only one active line
  • In case you receive several winners, the most lucrative one is paid
  • In order to hit a winner you must receive 2 identical icons on one line
  • The smallest wager is one coin
  • Any regular symbol can be swapped by the Wild symbol, exempting the scatter
  • The Scatter special symbol can be anywhere on the 5 reels for it to pay
  • 15 free spins represent a special bonus
  • Royal Treasures can give you the extra free spins while you’re in the middle of a free spins session
  • If something goes wrong during your Royal Treasures play, the play and the prizes won’t count

Playing Royal Treasures 101

With Royal Treasures you can win up to €900000 from the 9 paylines. You need to have at least 2 identical icons to hit a winner and the winner will be paid left to right. There are many other Royal Treasures ins and outs you need to know, so we are going to explain them here.

Choosing a place to play this Novomatic slot is crucial. Opting for Quasar will bring you a welcome bonus of 150% more than your deposit, up to generous € 300. All this money is yours with the MAXCODE bonus code.

To play Royal Treasures slot with real money, simply go to Quasar and choose its user-friendly mobile version. This video slot guarantees up to €900000 cash prizes. The max win of 750x line bet that could reach 900000 coins is a real catch, indeed.

Prefer test-ride before plunging in? Royal Treasures free-play version can be found at Quasar whether you play on computer or mobile. The installation of this 5-reeler is not necessary.

The Start button will start those reels. You need to have the minimum of 2 identical symbols, while the maximum is 5.

5 alike symbols on the reels of Royal Treasures bring major prizes. To win, you should activate 9 paylines.

Want to try this video slot? Here’s how:

  • The first thing you might have to do is choose the number of paylines.

When it comes to this, Novomatic made this 5-reeler with 9 paylines. The game lets you pick minimum 1 lines, but 9 should really be your number, so that €900000 stands better chance of ending up in your hands.

This engaging game pays left to right like so many other video slots. It’s worth noting that Royal Treasures payouts are rather frequent, unlike generally expected from less than 20-payline slot. Thus, this 5-reeler guarantees decent payouts and loads of fun.

  • After paylines, you should turn to Royal Treasures’s coin value.

So, you’ve picked Quasar for real money play of Royal Treasures, and it’s time to set credit value. The only one available is €1, since Novomatic narrowed down the selection for you. Maybe newer Royal Treasures versions will involve a bigger selection.

It’s great to have this resolved, right? That way, your only decision is regarding the Novomatic slot’s paylines. Go straight for big wins- the 750x line bet, which is the top prize in Royal Treasures.

  • With your coin amount set, Royal Treasures will want you to dedicate attention to line bet.

The selection of line bets for Royal Treasures is not the same in all venues. Quasar, for example, lets you place up to 200 per each of the slot’s 9 bet lines.But you can also invest less – 1 coins per line is enough to start Royal Treasures.

Paylines are adaptable in this game. So, 9 of them are the maximum, while 1 is the minimum you can opt for.

Using this option, you can set your Royal Treasures line bet to vary from 1€ to 200€ per line, a perfect range for Quasar punters who like higher stakes.

  • If you’re ready to go, press Start and watch the 9 paylines at work.

Once activated, the reels will spin on the paylines and credit size you’ve picked before. If you’re feeling too lazy to click Start every time, use this video’s auto play option, which lets you spin non-stop for up to times.

  • Let’s now move to this Novomatic online slot’s full screen and volume options.

The full screen button is there to help you enjoy Royal Treasures’s design to the maximum and savour the moment you win that 750x line stake or some other high prize.

As for the volume button, you can mute Royal Treasures with a single click, and calmly watch its 9 paylines work in your favour.

As for the volume of its sounds, Royal Treasures is not very flexible. For this Treasure-themed game, players have merely on and off options.

How Well the Royal Treasures Symbols Pay?

On Royal Treasures’s reels, you can find 13 symbols. The most attractive to you winning-wise will be:

  • Globus Cruciger
  • Jeweled Tiara
  • Sword
  • Ace and King
  • Queen, Jack, 10 and 9 is the Royal Treasures symbol with the lowest payouts.

And to make payouts even better and Royal Treasures play more interesting, there are also:

  • the King’s Crown wild
  • a scatter
  • a free spins symbol

The highest paying, a sort of a jackpot symbol if you will, is Globus Cruciger. Seeing Globus Cruciger 5 times on any of the 9 paylines will bring you a 750xtimes your stake. At a bet level of 1800 on all 9 lines, 5 Globus Cruciger symbols will win you 750x your stake – or 900000 coins.

The highest paying symbol looks like this:

play Royal Treasures for real money

The second most rewarding symbol is Jeweled Tiara. It augments your active line bet by 400. The minimal stake of 1€ may return you a nice amount if 5 of those symbols stop on the reels. However, 200€ max bet per line leads to even 80000 € worth prizes. Finally, this unpretentiously designed slot contains another strong symbol – Sword as the third strongest tile. You need 5 of these on an active payline to get 250x line bet which translates into as much as 50000€ on the highest stake of 200€. Yet again, even minimal bets of 1€ per line may activate the Royal Treasures multiplier and bring some fine prizes.

Royal Treasures’s other symbols are Ace and King – which pays a maximum of 125 multiplied with your line stakethe Queen, Jack, 10 and 9, whose modest top prize of 100 may not have the ‘wow’ factor like Globus Cruciger, but appears more frequently in Royal Treasures than any of the others.

This slot is attractive because of its King’s Crown symbol and its scatter together! Royal Treasures’s Royal Castle symbol offers not only the 500x prize, but also pays any.

Winning lines in Royal Treasures

This video slot involves 5 reels and 9 lines.

The paylines extend across 5 reels of this Novomatic game to form winning combos. Their number can differ if you choose so. Just click on the Royal Treasures lines to get them in or out.

For fast and easy Royal Treasures lines selection process you can rely on max bet and bet one toggles, but from our experience, slots produced by Novomatic generally pay better if all lines are engaged.

Novomatic included a bet range of 1 to 200 coins per line, or 1 to 1800 coins in total.

As a quality release, Royal Treasures features from 1 to 200 among available bets. This way, Novomatic enabled you to make the bet suit you.

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Payline Advice:

  • Paylines are placed in left to right direction.
  • In order to win, you will need just 2 or more symbols that match in one row on a payline.
  • A wild or a joker symbol will serve as any regular symbol.
  • When you have Royal Castle, it will pay, no matter where it is placed.
  • The only win which is paid is the highest win on a certain payline. Lets say you got two wins, in that case, you will be collecting just the higher of those two. If you want to win lines, you simply have to enable them. If you didn’t bet on a payline, and it ends up winning, you wouldn’t be able to collect the win.

All Information About the Royal Treasures’s Reels

Here we have a video game that will satisfy the traditionalist in you. Novomatic came up with this 5-reeler wanting to keep it simple. The reels go in downward direction so you can concentrate on the important stuff – getting serious prizes! Royal Treasures is therefore simple, elegant and most importantly, profitable.

When playing this particluar Treasure-themed slot, you will get to play with 13 primary symbols combined with a King’s Crown tile and a Royal Castle tile that is there to generate wins.

Looking for a Jackpot in Royal Treasures?

It’s true that there’s no Royal Treasures fixed jackpot, but that doesn’t mean this Novomatic title won’t let you win big. The Globus Cruciger symbol could bring you the top prize – 750 times line bet, which is a massive 900000 coins if you wager the maximum bet – 200 coins per line. With your coin value set to €200 and a bet of all 1800 coins, your win could amount to whopping €900000.

Where Can I Play Royal Treasures with a Progressive Jackpot

Don’t despair because Novomatic didn’t include a progressive jackpot when designing the video slot. Perhaps one of the supporting casinos included Royal Treasures into their own progressive jackpot pot.

Is this a Video Type Slot?

Players who enjoy video slots should try Royal Treasures. To compensate for the unadorned graphis, Novomatic made sure to combine colours and sounds well. Relying on its expertise in video slots, Novomatic made this game highly likeable. Its 5 reels contain some great features, while its 9 lines display animations for every win.

Is Royal Treasures 3D?

The answer is no. But don’t despair – Royal Treasures has neat graphics, and more importantly, good payouts. Besides, Quasar’s 3D and video slots don’t differ that much; it’s classic slots that stand out. Anyhow, Royal Treasures will surely win you over, as Novomatic gave it lots of useful features.

Must I Download Royal Treasures?

If you seek to play Royal Treasures try finding an online casino such as Quasar, that offers instant play. Let’s face it – Novomatic games are cool, but downloading them’s tiresome. Royal Treasures looks much better when its max prize – 750x line bet can be won instantly. One of the benefits of Quasar’s instant play is that it offers Novomatic slots, including Royal Treasures in demo and real money modes. The video slot enables transfer from fun to real money with a single click on the yes button.

If you don’t feel like downloading Royal Treasures, there really is no need – just play it instantly on Quasar’s site.There’s no need to rush things. Royal Treasures can be played for free, along with many more 9 paylines slots before you decide to take a plunge and play like a pro.

How to Operate the Dashboard?

Read on to learn how to use the dashboard in Royal Treasures, as well as most Novomatic slots.

Royal Treasures’s Start Option

Simply put: you can’t start the game without a start button. Therefore, you will find it on every video slot. Here in Royal Treasures, it’s named Start. Click on it and it’s game on! This little button will give you a chance to win €900000! Royal Treasures also has some other handy buttons:

  • Change the sound level
  • The Bet One and Max Bet buttons will determine the maximum and minimum betting amount
  • Enable playing Royal Treasures in full screen
  • Additional information on Royal Treasures and its paytable

Details About the Turbo Mode

However, this Novomatic title doesn’t feature one, which doesn’t diminish the 5 reels effectiveness.

You Can Get Additional Information on Royal Treasures

Royal Treasures’s info button is AWOL. Without the Information icon, Royal Treasures rules are not that easy to find. The best you can do is to ask the Quasar staff.

What’s Autoplay Button for?

When it comes to Royal Treasures’s convenient components, Autoplay catches the eye. In slots related to royalty such as Royal Treasures it’s a standard option, that enables playing Novomatic and other vendors’ slots without clicking Start for every spin. Cool, right? And since Royal Treasures features Autospin, it means its 5 reels can spin on their own with 9 lines paying out up to 900000€ and you just sitting and enjoying the view. Royal Treasures’s Autoplay will stop on special features, though. release with that option. Not cool. Therefore, Quasar players have to keep hoping that newer Royal Treasures versions will see this fault corrected.

Since it can take the place of Start, Autospin is often considered more convenient, as Royal Treasures can be played without breaks between the 5 reels’ spins.

What is the Minimum Bet About?

Once you’ve decided to join Quasar and use bonus code MAXCODE to get its welcome bonus offer, you might want to see Royal Treasures’s minimum bet requirements so as to plan your budget for this frequently paying slot.

With a minimum line bet of €1, your bet size will be modest €1.That is, if you play on all 9 paylines.

While you can select less than 9 lines, at least 1 of them, reducing your Royal Treasures bet this way isn’t recommendable. That way, the royalty style slot’s lucrative top line stake multiplier of 750x and superb features will be a step further away.

Royal Treasures’s Max Bet

Novomatic made things for high rollers quite simple in Royal Treasures. The game offers a special button – max bet switch, which enables you to set your Royal Treasures bet to maximum in a single click. 750x line bet and feature prizes in this video slot are more likely won this way. This game with interesting royalty content lets you wager a maximum of 1800 coins, which means placing 200 coins per each of the 9 lines. Translating this into cash, investing €1 per coin would make a top bet of €1800.

How High Is Royal Treasures’s RTP?

Newcomers to Quasar may wonder what RTP stands for in Royal Treasures. Return to Player is a percentage of your Quasar balance invested in this video slot that you’ll likely get back through Royal Treasures winnings. Therefore, it’s not how often this 5-reeler pays you, but how much. If Novomatic made this slot with RTP of 96%, it means that when you wager €100, it’ll likely return €96 on average.

Two things can be said about Royal Treasures: one is that it has a light design , and the other is that it has a modest 95% return.

Wild, Scatter, and Other Bonus Symbols

Here in Royal Treasures you will find both wild and a scatter symbol. Read on to know more about them.

Should I Pay Attention to a Scatter Symbol?

The symbol that will pay you no matter where it is placed on these 9 paylines is the symbol that will treat you with the 500 times bet multiplier. This is, of course, the Royal Castle scatter . Now, this Royal Castle scatter also grants the always welcomed free spins that Novomatic wisely included.

This is Royal Treasures Scatter:

play Royal Treasures for free

Does Royal Treasures Have a Wild?

The King’s Crown wild symbol basically works as a substitute for a standard symbol. If you need 5 same symbols, and end up one short, it will act as that one which you need. So if the symbol in question is Sword, the wild will step in and you will win 250 times your line wager. Therefore, one could say this wild is worth hoping for.

win real cash on Royal Treasures

The above image represents the Wild symbol.

Expanding Wild in Novomatic video

While many slots now have expanding wilds, Novomatic didn’t bother to include one in Royal Treasures. But, you can enjoy the 5-reeler’s other special features as a compensation.

Can I Count on Getting a Stacked Symbol?

You’ll see no stacked wild on these 5 reels, as Novomatic didn’t include it in its offering. Royal Treasures, however, has other features worth your attention.

Overlay Wild

The 750x line bet multiplier is one of the attractions of Royal Treasures, but an overlay wild is not since Novomatic didn’t incorporate one.

Paytable Rundown

Paytable is a very useful tool for Royal Treasures betting strategy and budget planning. For this Novomatic slot’s paytable, press a dedicated button and find out what all 13 symbols pay out. This 9-line slot payouts start with 2 matching symbols, and top payouts are for 5 of a kind symbols on a payline. Globus Cruciger is its top paying symbol, awarding 750x line bet for all 5 symbols on an active line. Further on, the Royal Treasures paytable shows the second-highest payouts come from Jeweled Tiara, which multiplies stake per line up to 400 times. But let’s not forget the generosity of Sword – with 5 of those symbols, your Quasar bankroll will be nicely boosted by 250x bet per line.

Royal Treasures online free Play now at Quasar 

How To Determine the Credit Size

If Royal Treasures caught your fancy, which could be due to its fairly often given prizes, first find out how you can make your bet.

  • Setting the number of active winlines
  • Coins per line options
  • Bet per line in cash value

Providing you with more flexibility, Novomatic included the option to change payline number in Royal Treasures. Therefore, you can select from 1 to the maximum 9 lines.

Royal Treasures could very well become one of your favourite video slots because it gives you the power to keep your stakes as high as you want them. You can bet only 1 of your coins per line, but if you feel lucky you can maximize that number of coins to 200 on a line. There are 9 paylines in this slot, but you don’t have to include all of them, you can pick just 1 to wager on.

Does Royal Treasures Let Me Pick Out the Coin Value?

Coin value in cash is one of the most important Quasar settings.

Multiplier Feature in Royal Treasures

You will usually have a line multiplier in a 9 paylines slot, and this can be minimum 100 times or a maximum 750 times. But multiplier bonus is a different thing and Royal Treasures is devoid of it. Although this slot has an uncomplicated design, this feature wasn’t included in the game. If you were hoping Royal Treasures would bestow you with a multiplier bonus, don’t hold your breath. Maybe Novomatic will include it in a future version.

Pinpointing the cash value of Royal Treasures coins is harder than you think. There is no actuall setting for coin value, but, you can still control your stake. Use the number of coins per line to increase/decrease your total bet. With 1 per line, your stake will translate to 1 coins. The maximum 200 coins per line will mean a 1800 coins total bet.Being able to select how many of the 9 paylines you’ll use, gives you even more flexibility. In hard cash, your bet will range from 1 to €1800.

Bonuses, Specials and Extras

What can we expect from this Novomatic game?

Bonus Features

Sadly, Royal Treasures doesn’t include a bonus feature. What you do have, though, are free spins – 15 of them.

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Double or Nothing in Royal Treasures’s Black or Red Feature

So, you have here 13 regular symbols, you have 9 paylines, and you have 5 reels. They will all come together to bring you plenty of winnings, but Royal Treasures will give you one more thing: the Black or Red round that has the potential to double that winning.

Interested in this feature? This is how Black or Red can be used:If you want your Royal Treasures prizes put at stake instantly, Black or Red will help you do it. Opt for Black or Red and all you should do is press yes is yes to start it. Two choices will be offered – Red and Black, and if you guess well, your Royal Treasures prize will be twice as high. However, Black or Red will take everything should you guess wrong.

Details About Free Spins

Two types of free spins are easy to mix up: those in Novomatic titles and those provided by casinos. Don’t mix them up, as video slots like Royal Treasures offer them as special features, while casinos feature them as bonuses. Try not to mix up playing video slots in fun play mode with their free spins. Quasar won’t register any prizes you win in fun play, while winning Royal Treasures’s 15 free spins could bring you quite an amount.

Fortunately, Royal Treasures belongs to those video slots that involve free spins, which Novomatic in this case named Free Games. They promise to bring winning spree, as 15 of them are bound to payout decently.

There’s quite a sum to win on Royal Treasures’s free spins, as with Novomatic’s decision to include a notable amount of 15 of them, you’re bound to make money. can be expected from free spins in Royal Treasures if Lady Luck looks upon you.

Visual Experience in Royal Treasures

Similarly to other Novomatic video slots, this 9-line game provides not just genuine graphics that finely complement its Treasure content, but also a number of buttons that serve to:

  • open real money mode
  • check out Royal Treasures’s paytable
  • enter Auto Play mode
  • star full screen mode
  • opt for the lowest bet
  • opt for the highest bet
  • mute volume
  • risk what Royal Treasures pays out by choosing Black or Red options in the double or nothing special feature

Royal Treasures for Real Money

Having rather simple graphics, like Royal Treasures does, isn’t necessarily bad. Sometimes, flashy design of video slots draws your attention away from winning Royal Treasures’s prizes, or even worse, from losing your Quasar deposit. Therefore, the straightforward design that Novomatic employed in this Treasure title lets you simply spin those 5 reels until you win the 900000-coin max prize.

Quasar real cash games – Royal Treasures

This 9 paylines slot can pocket you as much as €900000, but only if you play for cash.
First you have to register an account at Quasar casino, which is very simple:

  • Pay a visit to the Quasar website
  • Click on thesign up field
  • Fill in all the required fields in the form
  • Type in voucher code: MAXCODE and get Quasar offers
  • Deposit €10 or more
  • Start spinning Royal Treasures and winning on its 9 lines

Taking the Prizes Home

In addition, if you want a Quasar bonus, such as the 100% welcome offer to work in your favour, know that Quasar will ask you to wager the bonus 40x if you want to cashout. You should also get to know Quasar’s T&Cs, especially withdrawal-wise. Still, looking in Royal Treasures’s info is a wrong idea, as it’s not the same as Quasar’s info.

Can I Play Royal Treasures for Free Before I Start Betting?

No doubt about that when you choose Quasar as your casino. Playing Royal Treasures for free is a great experience, whether you choose Quasar online or mobile site.

Simply sign up to Quasar and spin those 5 reels to get the taste of Royal Treasures’s special features, and generous payouts.

After you get the taste of this Novomatic title in Quasar’s free play, you can click on the yes button and move on to real play. Just deposit €10 or more, select your preferred Royal Treasures bet, which starts at €1 per line, and enjoy the welcome bonus Quasar offers to its players – up to €300 on top of your deposit when MAXCODE is entered into a bonus field on Quasar’s site.

Win Cash on Royal Treasures While Playing for Free?

Since there are no bonuses for free play at Quasar casino, you are obliget to put up a €10 deposit. That way, this 9 paylines game will give you a chance to win up to €900000 and some other featured specials.

About Royal Treasures No Deposit Bonus

Even though Quasar has no free chips, the fans of Novomatic slots can benefit from its €300 deposit bonus. Of course, expect us to update this Royal Treasures review should a no deposit bonus be added to Quasar’s promotional offers.

Is there an App I Can Download to Play Royal Treasures?

Royal Treasures can’t be played through an app, but you can go to the Quasar casino website on your mobile device, whether it’s a Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Phone, iPad, Android tablet or a smartphone, and just play there. The €900000 prize will still be there.

Prepare to play Royal Treasures on the go if you own an iOS device – Quasar’s mobile app is easily downloadable from iTunes or Quasar site, offering Royal Treasures and numerous other Novomatic games.

If you choose to play Royal Treasures on your Android, simply download a Quasar app from Google Play or the Novomatic-powered casino’s site, and start having fun.

It’s easy to access Royal Treasures on your Windows Phone or Blackberry even without a Quasar app. Just open your mobile browser, search for Quasar and open Royal Treasures on it.

Just to let you know – if a site tries to sell a Quasar or Royal Treasures app, it’s bogus. Don’t go there. The app’s free, so don’t waste money in vain.

Play on Your Mobile Device and Get a Bonus

It’s really weird to have a mobile casino but not offer mobile bonuses. Quasar does that, despite the fact that the competition in the mobile slot market is growing. Leaving Novomatic games’ fans without an incentive is not a good idea, and Quasar should really consider providing some to its mobile punters, who could use it to spin Royal Treasures or some other Novomatic titles for longer.

What’s the top win in Royal Treasures? Find all the info in this Quasar game’s paytable, available through the yes toggle. It will show you this 5-reel slot’s top winning symbol is Globus Cruciger, which could bring you a 750x line bet multiplier, when all 5 of them appear on one of the 9 lines. In terms of cash, Royal Treasures’s top win is €900000.

The Most You Could Expect to Get from Royal Treasures

Even if we count in Quasar’s profit, derived from zillions of spins on Royal Treasures, this video slot has a very good payout prospects. With a 95 RTP and the volatility which provides generally smaller, but regular wins, this 5-reeler is a game worth trying.

How to Get the Most Out of Royal Treasures?

However, Royal Treasures’s RTP rate of 95% is honestly not that impressive. We’d all prefer if it was at least over 95%. However, this result still guarantees you a fair fighting chance for winning Quasar prizes.

The best way to win in this title with Treasure theme is to pay close attention and keep yourself as informed as possible about the Novomatic games rules, strategies, tips and tricks. With that in mind, you can still benefit from some helpful hints on how to play the best you can at the game.
Whenever you intend to invest your money into something, it’s a good idea to have some sort of strategy.However, it’s always good to keep in mind that, in gambling (and especially in online slots), strategies can only do so much, and it’s luck that plays the main role, because every spin is completely random.If you Google “strategy for online slots”, you’ll get numerous results, all with a special formula that will help you win.

Details about Novomatic:

  • Established: 1980
  • Founder: Johann F. Graf
  • Headquarters: Wienerstrasse 158 Gumpoldskirchen, 2352 Austria
  • Website:
  • Specialties: State-of-the-art Electronic Gaming Equipment, Online and Mobile Gaming, Gaming Operations, Lottery Solutions, Networked Technologies
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