The Ultra Hot Deluxe Online Slot




Ultra Hot Deluxe Online Slot Traits

If you’re among those who love classic -themed slots, great! Ultra Hot Deluxe’s just the thing. But even if not, this Novomatic slot’s 5 paylines have a lot to offer. Just read on!

What’s interesting about Ultra Hot Deluxe are its features. The players of this video slot can count on Ultra Hot Deluxe’s, 750x symbol.

Instead of a jackpot, Novomatic made Red Sevens the top paying symbol which could give 750x line bet in a blink. The help of the 95.17% return to player may just make those 3 reels pay out this sum.

The Background of the Ultra Hot Deluxe Slot

Released back in 2008, Ultra Hot Deluxe is a game developed by Novomatic, which has always attracted numerous players. The Ultra Hot slot is its sequel which maintained Ultra Hot Deluxe’s quality but with a few improvements. This video slot is updated regularly, implying that Novomatic makes sure it always runs without glitches.

The Way Ultra Hot Deluxe Works

Rules for playing this 5 paylines game are as follows:

  • Ultra Hot Deluxe pays out when at least 3 of a kind symbols appear on one of 5 paylines, which pay left to right

Playing this 3-reeler entails a few steps. Here they are:

  • Initially, you may need to pick your payline number.
  • After paylines, proceed to credit amount selection.

Hence, no need to think about Ultra Hot Deluxe coin sizes. Just move on to play: 750x your line stake is waiting to be hit.

  • As soon as you get your credit sum sorted, move over to bet per line.

In case of Ultra Hot Deluxe, there’s no such choice – you’re stuck with 1 coins per line.

The number of paylines in this Novomatic slot cannot be changed. All 5 paylines are always open.

Once you press this button, you’ll see the 3 reels start on the bet size you picked. Novomatic also included an auto play button with which Ultra Hot Deluxe will make up to spins in one round.

  • Let’s now move to this Novomatic online slot’s full screen and volume options.

If you prefer the big picture, press Ultra Hot Deluxe’s full screen button and enjoy the view.

Expectedly, Novomatic made the volume settings user-friendly. Just press Ultra Hot Deluxe’s mute button and let its 3 reels spin quietly. As this Fruit Machine-themed title includes Vegas-style sounds, the Ultra Hot Deluxe mute regime is a good alternative.

You can control Ultra Hot Deluxe’s sounds only by muting it or spinning the 3 reels at full volume.

Therefore, there’s no way to mute Ultra Hot Deluxe’s sounds that resound Vegas’s buzz so much.

What are Ultra Hot Deluxe’s Symbols?

  • Red Sevens
  • Stars
  • Bars
  • Fruit Symbols
  • On the other hand, the lowest Ultra Hot Deluxe prizes can be won on Black X’s.


Ultra Hot Deluxe’s other symbols are Fruit Symbols – which pays a maximum of 40 multiplied with your line stakethe Black X’s, whose modest top prize of 5 may not have the ‘wow’ factor like Red Sevens, but appears more frequently in Ultra Hot Deluxe than any of the others.

Find Out More About Reels

When it comes to its reels, Ultra Hot Deluxe kept things straight. Those 3 wheels move from up to down; downward is the most common direction for Novomatic slots’ reels, so there’s nothing special about Ultra Hot Deluxe in that aspect. This video slot’s prizes can be way more special, though.

There are 8 regular symbols in Ultra Hot Deluxe.

What are All those Ultra Hot Deluxe Buttons for?

Let us continue with an overview of the controls and buttons in this 5-liner.

Using the Start Toggle

Take any contemporary slot game, such as Ultra Hot Deluxe, and see which button is pressed the most. It’s always the game starting button, which is known by many a name, including Spin, Play, Start, or Go. However, in this 3-reeler, it’s known as Start, and it starts the reels, which may bring coins, which is Ultra Hot Deluxe’s largest prize. Remember, all it takes is a single click! To keep Start from feeling lonely, there are also:

  • This classic slot can be enjoyed in full screen
  • Set the sound to your desired level
  • Get more details on this modern game


Generally speaking, autoplay serves to spin reels automatically, for a predetermined number of times. That way there’s no need to press Start every time you want to start the game; videoslots usually just require resetting Autoplay when it’s done or a feature is hit. In Ultra Hot Deluxe, this feature is simply great – press Start to set its 3 reels in motion more than once and this Novomatic slot’s 8 symbols will work in your favour. Once Ultra Hot Deluxe’s Autospin is done, simply click it again to reset it.

Since it can take the place of Start, Autospin is often considered more convenient, as Ultra Hot Deluxe can be played without breaks between the 3 reels’ spins.

You don’t have to worry about the Return to Player rate for Ultra Hot Deluxe because it is 95.17% – a very desirable percentage for a 5 paylines slot.

Does Ultra Hot Deluxe Have a Wild?

When playing this video slot, you should really watch out for the wild symbol because it could come in handy. This wild will function as a replacement for any symbol that’s missing in order to complete 3 matching symbols. Thusly, if you need one more, e.g. Bars to have a matching set and you get the wild tile, you will be rewarded the 60x of the bet you placed for that line. Ultra Hot Deluxe will perhaps become one of your favourite 5 paylines slots: it’s wild also acts as a scatter!

Overlay Symbol Explained

The fact that Ultra Hot Deluxe’s reels feature no overlay wild doesn’t hurt this (payline)-liner’s attractiveness; its major prize, 750x line bet is available in every spin.

If Ultra Hot Deluxe caught your fancy, which could be due to its prizes, first find out how you can make your bet.

  • Setting your bet level
  • How to set your bet per line in cash

Choosing the bet level means that you are in charge of how much you will actually bet on the slot’s 5 paylines. Should you choose to play it safe, you can have your line bet at 1. Or, if you don’t feel like playing safe simply set the number of coins at 1. In the first case, you’ll have a total wager of .

In Ultra Hot Deluxe you can choose how much cash will each coin actually worth. This set up is very easy to do and also what is going to be your credit size.

Ultra Hot Deluxe Layout

You can never make a mistake with a Novomatic video slot, as they all have those great graphics that so many Fruit Machine theme fans appreciate. In addition, Ultra Hot Deluxe provides various toggles that can:

  • start playing Ultra Hot Deluxe for cash
  • see Ultra Hot Deluxe’s paytable
  • pick bet size
  • initiate Auto Spin
  • open full screen
  • mute Ultra Hot Deluxe’s volume completely
  • access Ultra Hot Deluxe rules

Sounds in Ultra Hot Deluxe

One of this 3-reeler’s features that makes it stand out are Novomatic’s genuine classic slot sounds. And they’re cool, even if Ultra Hot Deluxe isn’t a classic slot. They really add more liveliness to the game. But if this Novomatic idea isn’t your cup of tea, Ultra Hot Deluxe lets you easily mute the sounds using a single button.

Playing the Game for Money

Ultra Hot Deluxe may not leave you breathless with its design, that’s what this classic themed slot’s jackpot is for.

The Fun Play Option

This is a neat video slot because you can play it just for fun. Ultra Hot Deluxe can also be played on a mobile.

And perhaps most importantly, always keep in mind that Ultra Hot Deluxe’s just a game, and that its primary function is to provide fun. So, don’t expect too much, but rather enjoy the authentic classic theme.

Be smart and Play Strategically

However, wager lower and you may save money while playing Novomatic slots.
That said – you gotta find a system that works for you. Define your playing style, and play along – at the end of the day you’ll end up having more fun that way.Whenever you intend to invest your money into something, it’s a good idea to have some sort of strategy.However, it’s always good to keep in mind that, in gambling (and especially in online slots), strategies can only do so much, and it’s luck that plays the main role, because every spin is completely random.

Details about Novomatic:

  • Established: 1980
  • Founder: Johann F. Graf
  • Headquarters: Wienerstrasse 158 Gumpoldskirchen, 2352 Austria
  • Website:
  • Specialties: State-of-the-art Electronic Gaming Equipment, Online and Mobile Gaming, Gaming Operations, Lottery Solutions, Networked Technologies